The simple things

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Small things such as a moth can seem so simple until inspected closer

A closer inspection

Garden art

My every-so-often pesto making day. I don't know about you, but our family loves pesto!
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What would summer be like if there wasn't a day to pick berries?

They were perfectly ripe and the best I've ever had

This can be for their next cd cover
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Beading with Kathy at the Bead Gallery:
Three brown, one grey, loop it around. One crystal two brown loop it down.

I was able to work on this piece that made me think of some sea creature

two curly tops cooling off by eating ice cream

Alexa the trooper
She had that chip of wood buried in her foot
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Castle Island with Tia Mandy

We weren't able to tour the inside of the fort...

so we walked around it instead enjoying the view


Later on Tia showed us where my mom's, dad's, mom (My great grandmother) used to live
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Nothing had been touched for year

Tia's old room


Anyone care to guess what this paper was used for?
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Plimoth and the Pilgrim March

Where the pilgrim march will commence

Arriving early we took some pictures in the gardens and went for a walk
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Arbors and pathways = a lovely frame for a lovely couple

Don't forget to take time and smell the roses... literally or figuratively

Check out that cool fluer-de-lis on the brick work. I'm not sure what it's for , but I like it... oh, and Micaiah's cool too.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

L'eau en été

some of us kids :-)

Matthew: "What color should I choose?" Micaiah "Hey, how about red!?"

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Finishing touches.... I don't know how they ever came up with that style for a hat

The Things ready for any dangers they may encounter

"And how are you today, my good friend?"
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Pondering the times

Two girls that make it quite easy to get a good picture

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It's hard to imagine all that the pilgrims went through that first winter. With only six families we filled the number of people that survived the first winter.

There always seems to be a laughing picture following one of everyone trying to be serious.

You can see some live interviews taken by a lady trying to endorse a book she wrote (that none of us have read... thus the humorous interview at the end) here :

Some Brewsters, Soule, Doty, Sampson, and Crackstone aka the M&M's
(I didn't put the first names as we had more girls marching then they had at the time necessitating some of us girls to march in their stead)
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