Summer in Winter & History on Oklahoma

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A message in the snow for Matthew and Micaiah made with our bare feet
Spa time outside in the snow... ok, so we didn't stay like that long, but it was too funny having snow left when it was almost 80° not to pose for a picture.
Cooling off
Ever enthusiastic to be a part of living history, we were excited when our friends told us of a reenactment nearby
This reminds me of some Mort Künstler painting I've seen

Readying the troops

"Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave" ~Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
The majority of spectators were watching in either behind the Union lines or between both sides so we watched from behind the Confederate lines... I didn't mind at all


Spotting a wounded man

The "Leftovers" temporarily reduced

After the battle we walked through the camp listening to music and visiting the different sutlers.

They recruited Alison to help sing one of the songs... I think that guy on the left was tired of the banjo players voice

Camp art

All us girls... and a random man that turned around for the picture. That's one way to get a picture with the ladies :-)

Learning about the field doctors job. Do you know they had to try and do any amputations in 10-15 minutes as that was how long the chloroform would last. 

One of the various sutlers
I like taking portrait shots, but can't think of what to write except on how handsome they are so I shall summarize it by calling it "portrait art"

Portrait art
Our dashing men folk together
How it would have looked then....
How we are now
We went back to our friends for supper and then went back to a ball that was in the evening. Alas the only picture we took was preparing for it.
After church we saw a bunch of the little boys gathered round Marscel as he read to them

Well, that's all for now!

January Happenings

Friday, February 11, 2011

Making cookies is such fun when it's hands on!
Who wants a plain round cookie when you can make letters and figures with them?
Refilling the scoops like they were loading guns for a war
Since we couldn't make real snow man we resorted to oatmeal cookie snowmen
Complete with raisin eyes and arms and sunflower seed buttons and nose
Gathering sticks for the wood stove...turned into a duel
These kids are so much fun! They remind me of how my siblings and I were growing up

Looking at random family pictures on Mom's ipad
Baby blue eyes
It's not often you find families that are wiling to try (and often end up liking) "strange" foods that are good for you or new raw recipes, AND are great to fellowship with.
A very posed, pre-game shot... in a matter of seconds the table would be scattered with cards and everyone would be focused on their hand as well as whether their partner was signaling them for a win. Thanks for the fun night, Cochrans!
After church the Ahlgrens and Billy joined us to see Divided, a documentary on the dangers of age segregated ministries in the church, particularly on youth groups. It was very well done.
I guess Lillian didn't find it as captivating as the rest of us
We met this man at our chiropractor office. He his almost 90 years old and full of amazing tales! His great-grandfather and grandfather claimed stakes in the Oklahoma land rush (which are in the town we live in) AND he is a World War II veteran who has many incredible stories of his time over seas. I was going to post a newspaper article that gave an overview of things he's done, but couldn't find it. I did find that he was awarded a silver star in 1944
The end of the month brought us back to Missouri where we were able to attend a Winter Ball.
Marscel on the sidelines at a ball? This was the first time that there weren't more girls then boys!
Me and my charming partner going to greet a dashing couple...
The dashing couple.
Melissa made Jordan's vest and converted that dress from a modern sleeveless dress into that Victorian inspired gown. Isn't she amazing?
"Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."
Theodore Roosevelt
I think top hats should come back in style
Nice watch, Jordan ;-)
"La, my dear, what have I done to merit such affection?"
Making sure we know the dance so our partner doesn't have to say, "Other way Mr. Collins"
Separation anxieties
And you thought London Bridges was just a kids game.
Though blurry, I think this captures the motion of the night...arches, dips, twirls, and spins. A grand time to say the least!
A day at Jordan and Melissa's always makes us have enough pictures for a blog post in itself. So many cute pictures... I mean look at his face... it makes you want to push him around too, doesn't it?
What does January, shorts, and daffodils all have in common? The above picture. With a warm spell the day we were there and daffodils needing to be planted we headed out to turn Sherwood Forest into a fairy land come spring.
"When I see your face
there's not a thing that I would change
'Cuz you're amazing
Just the way you are"
Micaiah blending three seasons: a winter hat, a spring job of marking where the daffodils were planted, and a summer shirt
"See what he's doing, William? Do you think you could do that?"
Joining in... he was careful not to get his hands dirty too
Of course a day at the Niednagels also means lots of pictures with little Locksley.
Hugs with Daddy...
Water for the seeds with Pa...
Taking a snack break with Uncle Marscel...
...and reading with me.
There aren't many one-year-old children I would let hold my pocket Bible, with pages that are so easy to rip, but He was so careful and intent on what he saw as he gently flipped through it.
"Hey, Marscel, look over here!" he turns to me,"What?" "Smile."
Tools make such great props
I recently read an article on photography. While it was mainly on taking childrens pictures I was inspired to try some different ways of capturing moments and Jordan happened to be in the right place at the right time
Like father like daughter... no this is not posed
art 1
art 2
Having a problem with moles tearing up their ground Jordan heard of a new method of getting rid of them... needless to say, he was mildly excited at the thought of being done with them.
I think Jordan was hamming it up for the camera... I think...

Matthew's art

My art
It just wouldn't be a normal visit without a picture of a walk
The only time I've seen Willy not looking his best: when he just wakes up from his nap... and even then with such a wild hair it's kinda cute.
It doesn't take him long to wake up and start posing again
On the hunt for a nasty little varmint
The hunted
The sandwich... hmm, is this some kind of unknown prediction? That was the first thing that came to mind looking at this picture. Wouldn't it be funny if she had a girl?
Back in October we took some pictures with Jack in this outfit that has been passed down from our boys. We brought a few for him to try on and the evening turned into a photo shoot.
He didn't like it when I told him he looked like he needed to go on a diet... He promptly asked to be changed
The next outfit wasn't much better with the elastic in the pants shot
It still made for some cute pictures
He was so happy to be out of the outfit he gave me a kiss
He was such a good sport. It was past his bed time, but he still smiled and got into posing for us
Bye... We love you!
On to the Z's where Matthew and Micaiah will be interning for the month. We were able to participate in Sarah's birthday celebration
Our time with the them is too awesome to put into a few words (since we didn't actually take many pictures) so I shall just give a few highlights...
Working in the kitchen with them is like being able to work at a five star restaurant with famous chefs creating the most amazing gourmet meals.
♪ It's electric...♫
After being snowed in a few days us girls decided to go on a walk (The boys were at work with Mr. Z). The cold was so biting we made it to the end of the road and walked quickly back...
Our faces just about froze in this position
"A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!" Thank you for all the encouragement and love! I can't wait till the end of the month to see you all again!

Back in Oklahoma we were able to visit with the Eckersons! When I think of Laura Ingalls family moving out west with no phones, emails, skype, and very slow snail mail it gives much to be thankful for in being able to so easily communicate with those we love all over the world. We are so blessed!