Overview of May

Friday, June 18, 2010

The highlight of May was definitely our vacation (those usually seem to be highlights). Jordan posted a big part of our trip on his blog, but whenever we are together we take enough pictures for this post to come from a different angle with different pictures.

Packed and ready to go. I know it's been said before, but it's worth repeating:
Mom is the #1 long trip driver you could ever find!

The peanut gallery

Ahhh... a welcome sight! We have arrived

Apparently we were a bit overwhelming for William at first... not sure why that would be... we only came swooping in with tons of hugs and kisses, and a little bit of noise :-)

After a few minutes he was chillin' with Mamma Monica as stories were shared

Few people have a more beautiful walk to their mailbox

I like this picture... that's all there is to it

This one too!

Trying to imitate William's scrunched-nose, pleased look. He wasn't impressed.

One of our families favorite past-times: gathering round at the end of the day to look at pictures and videos

Bible time with William. He's probably going to be an early reader. He loves books!

These two are such fun!

art - I just remembered how the word "art" is the perfect word to use when you like the picture and can't think of a caption :-)
The little cutie and his grandma's

Seeing the rest of us eat, William wanted to join in. He was given the lemon to lick and this was his reaction... before he asked for more.

Looking up to and learning from Pa

Pictures like this don't need an explanation

He's getting to be quite the enthusiastic little clapper

Mother and child- how original is that?

pausing for a family photo

Back to normal ;-)

"Wow... the view is so much better from up here!"

A "movie still" of the movie stars

Locksley and Lorna

Returning from the descent of the ravine

I love when little kids walk as fast as they can to keep up with your stride... and your barely walking.

What would vacation be without a little comic relief

The day we decide to plant Melissa's seedlings the temperature drops down in the low 50's... in May!

We all got to go on a couple hour canoe ride which was such a treat!

Our trusty steer-er keeps watch for attacking canoes

Ramming speed!!!!!

Yep... these guys were as cool and innocent as they looked... until they joined the others in playing bumper canoes.

You'd think we were going for a week with all the stuff in there.

Our little figurehead

How to paddle when you have an overdose of energy

The dread Pirate Roberts

I know I said I would post different pictures then Jordan, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Pa and Mom. It's worth posting on more then one blog!

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream."

One of the highlights of the canoe trip- the rope swing.
The boys and I tried it for the first time and it was so much fun! The only down side was the water was freezing!

The audience

A pro steps up to the plate


Sewing with William while Melissa prepares for Jeremy's birthday party

Making party hats for everyone. So fun, so creative!
The final setup. Melissa sure knows how to decorate for parties
Danielle made this most fabulous dinner of rice, stir fry, tilapia fish, with a pesto sauce. So delicious! Now that we're all hungry I'll move onto the next picture.

The Niednagel brothers and their beautiful brides.

Such great, social homeschoolers

You gotta wonder what their thinking with those expressions

Let's par-tay!

I could see this being on some humorous birthday card. I wonder what the inside would say

How many hats can I wear at once?

Keep stackin' them on!


Williams favorite thing to eat is our aloe smoothie. He eats it up... literally!

He was so intent on licking the cup he barely noticed the camera

I think he'd make a good poster child for aloe smoothies

Good down to the last drop

He told me he was saving the rest on his mouth for a snack later on

While waiting for the others Micaiah asked to take pictures... turns out it was to get me outside so Matthew could surprise me. They're so sweet!


On the way to Tennessee to visit some friends William perfected his Indian warrior cry.

A walk down to the river. You could see dirt half way up the trees showing how high the water had risen in the recent flood.

Three jungle men we spied on our walk

It was amazing how beautiful it was in the woods even amidst the ruins

"And the heavens will praise Your wonders, O LORD; Your faithfulness also in the assembly of the saints. "

How people see things on blogs: A close game with much attention needed

How it really was: Masterminds just seem to know the next move

The kitchen always seems to end up being a favorite gathering places.
It was such a wonderful time talking...

... Playing games...

... and hearing such talented musicians. All add up to make for some great memories with good friends.

This is so Micaiah

When sucking your thumb is to easy

Back in St. Louis we took a trip to the zoo with the Zeses. While we were waiting for the others to join us we decided to take some pictures... shocking, I know.

hmmm.... what should we see first?

Penguins!!! I'm not sure if I've ever seen penguins in real life

It was Williams first time seeing them too.

Look over here William!

Watching the monkeys monkey around

Woah... that giraffe is too cool!

Apparently there's lots to contemplate at the zoo.

uh...guys, I don't think that's a safe place to stand

When William gives a hug he says, "Awww...."

Farewell my friends

Back home we're greeted by Jack.

Michael the multi- tasker

Happy Birthday Micaiah!!!

For my birthday this Ninja showed up and said he'd protect me

"Come on Jack, look intimidating!"

"Nah... it's more fun eating this here knife"
So long folks!