Wednesday, January 16, 2013

November was a busy month of traveling for us. Pa and Mum were in California and I went here and there... as I have gone through my pictures you can join in on the travels below.

I went to help Grandma twice while in Massachusetts and remembered to ask Michael for a picture when he came to pick me up. You'd never guess she is almost 90 would you?

Divide and conquer
The Mairas packing while I put things on craigslist.

I found out there are three places that have the swinging rings: The one we go to in California, one in New York, and one in... Providence!!

I was so excited Michael was able to try them and just as I expected... he did really well.

These rings were a lot harder then the one in California, being a bit further apart and higher. It was a hard place to begin, but Malena did awesome!

Group huddle

It was so nice seeing the entire Lueken family together for the first time in a few years!

My adorable audience as I sell things

Taking a break for the evening means time to take pictures with my fun sister, Rebekah...

... and go bowling with the Flynns!

Did it curve or not? That is the question!

 Might not be text-book form, but we had a blast!

One of my great team mates. I've never had so much fun bowling... I've only done it once before, but still.

Gotta love bowling shoes

Can it be? SNOW and before Thanksgiving! It snowed more in one day then all of what we got last year and this year combined in Oklahoma.

Looks like fall wasn't quite ready for winter to come.

Since Michael and Rebekah were sick I spent Sunday with the Flynns. After church we went to the Fourniers and had a wonderful time full of great topics.

Back at the Flynns, right before I was going to leave, someone brought out the game "ants-in-the-pants" and Jeff, Aidan, and I all joined in for a very impromptu, competitive couple games.

Little bit of cuddle time with Baby Brown Eyes

With the kitchen table sold, we made a makeshift for our feast that Kathy brought.

Roy Rogers showing the boys how to get things done

The last few days I painted different rooms and these two wonderful helpers came one day. Painting while talking to good friends makes it all the more fun and special

After a one night stop in Oklahoma we headed back to Jordan and Melissa's for Thanksgiving preparations and celebration

We were able to go to the Hansens for an afternoon of games... fun times!

Nothing to fear with this little soldier around to protect you.

Baby due any time, lots of people coming over, and yet she's laid back and goes to collect some of nature for decoration... this girl is inspiring!

Food preparations begin!

I guess with all the cooking some mishaps are inevitable... reminds me of another Thanksgiving day preparation two years ago

Who said feasting is only for Thanksgiving day? We are together and we are thankful... let the feasting begin!

You da man!

My cooking neighbor for the evening

These boys have been working long and hard.

A beautiful arrangement Hannah put together

Thanksgiving day arrives... "Let's par-tay"

" 'scuse me... my bowtie came off. Is there anyone that could assist me?"

"Mama Z has saved me from humiliation. How will I ever repay her?"

Les adorables

The brotherly hug in four easy steps

The Founders of the feast

Pa's annual turkey duties... with his faithful supporter/cheerleader

Micaiah's annual gravy making duties. He said he thought he messed up and that he looked at the wrong directions... or something like that, but it was the best gravy ever!

5 years ago Jordan asked Melissa to be his wife. We watched the proposal again. You can too here

William sung to us his latest memory verse: Psalm 100 the way the Pilgrims would have sung it

How can you not be as happy as these two with so many delicacies set before you?

Me and my twin Rebekah... it's amazing seeing how many things we're alike in. Just realized our outfits even look coordinated!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with different colored eyes? Hannah and I were, so I switched our eye colors. I'm still not sure what to think of it :-)

Papa Z shares from our founding fathers. Thanksgiving isn't just a day to eat turkey. May we never forget the truths they stood for and the sacrifices they made for future generations.

We head to the great lawn for contests prepared

The great coordinator

Five of the six siblings together... soon to be all six!

Game 1: Archery

Elimination rounds begin

Brothers at arms

The necessary breaks for retrieving arrows. The long grass turned it into another challenge... like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

The final round
For the second year in a row Pa takes the gold.

Game 2: the Bean Bag Toss

And Marscel takes the lead!

Game 3: Golf

She just doesn't seem pregnant some times

Bringing it in

Hannah and Marscel, the gold and silver of golf

The first and second places winners of the three events receiving the most generous awards from Jordan and Melissa

After desert we had a great time learning more about brain types from Mr. Niednagel. Brain types are not to be confused with personality types. You can learn more here

For some reason I find this picture amusing... I think it's the combination of Matthew's leery face at the infant potty training book William decided to show him, Mom smiling and pointing at it, Jordan walking by reading a book, Mr. Z calmly drinking his tea, and Micaiah having two extra pillows propped up behind his head.

The men going over business plans. I love how William is watching and listening so intently.

 I think it was a bit overwhelming to Philip

"If you want to lead, you must read."
                                           ~Theodore Roosevelt

When you don't have to get up early you can enjoy sitting, relaxing together...

... or catching up on some much needed sleep

After enjoying some time in the cool, crisp, fall air getting cozy on the couch with some warm soup is a perfect set up for more conversations

Music started playing and Philip started dancing... which soon turned into an impromptu dance time

Let's boogy!

Our Thanksgiving celebration extended over a couple days just like the pilgrims

Archery was definitely a highlight

"Art" or maybe I should do this, , for pictures I like but can't think of a caption to fit :-)

The best shot of the weekend

Testing out the new volleyball "court". There were some really good plays...

... and some not so good, but nevertheless fun... or funny.

Learning time with the Uncle Things.

Seems to be some kind of unwritten tradition for the boys to play a round or two of Mario Cart when they get together

Mr. Sparkling Eyes... one of the happiest kids I know!

Haven't had a sisters shot on here in a while... problem solved.

Teaching William the tricks of the trade

Yeah, I think he's got it.

I shall thus end with the love birds awaiting the newest Niednagel addition.