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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life is now getting back to normal... if there is even such a thing :-) ... I suppose that would equal very busy. I didn't think I would have that many pictures at the beginning of the week, but I guess there isn't enough time to have a dull week :-) Enjoy!

For His honor and glory!


I downloaded the pictures Matthew took while we were gone and thought I'd post a few. Pa multi-tasking, talking on the phone AND folding clothes. They kept the house nice and clean and got all of these folded!

The finished result

Need I say more?

Macs can do some really neat things... oh yeah, the boys can too :-)
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If I took a poll I don't think anyone would find it surprising that this was Matthew's background on his computer at work

On our way home from MO we stopped for a visit with Mrs. Polczynski and Lady Tai. I know it may be hard to believe, but we forgot to take pictures until the next morning where we grabbed a few before our departure. It was such a wonderful time that went by too fast!

Welcome home, you! The Flynns and Michael and Rebekah stopped by the night we came home.

A welcome sight after hours on the road :-)
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As Michael came from work he had all of the landscaping tools. Mom and Jeff got to try out the lawn mowers while Marscel tried out the high powered leaf blower (I think that's what it was). Mowing in the dark made for an interesting looking lawn in the morning :-)

You know how most electronic kids toys last about a month (if that) and then die? this Connect Four game lasted us over ten year! Someone had given it to us when we went out to Washington. *sniff* May it rest in peace...

On Saturday we went to Sarah Itterman's graduation. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of the ceremony part as Michael was there and didn't remember until after that I don't get to download all his pictures anymore (though Rebekah did send me some. Thank you!)

My view of a real photographer. I love you, bro!
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There were a few games of tug-of-war after... I have particapated in one of these games in a while and we had a lot of fun. Our team was primarily girls with a few guys...

...while the other team was primarily guys with a few girls

After losing the "guys" team said it was because we were slightly downhill and had an advantage. So...

We switched sides... and won again :-)
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Three cheers for Ryan, the anchor of our team! If you ever play you will want to be on his team... it won every time. As you can see in the previous picture (on the far right) he would call out so we would all pull at the same time.

Right after we finished I noticed I didn't have my thumb ring on. I was about 98% sure I had had it on earlier so I started looking for it. Others joined in and one of them suggested to get down on hand and knees, side by side to comb the ground...

Though the numbers grew, it was never found... and now I know why. It wasn't there! Today I found it in one of our rooms. Ooops, I'm sorry guys... thank you so much for looking! I guess it was just to get some good pictures for every one that blogs that was there :-) Moral of the story: Even when you think you are very sure of something there is the possibility that you are wrong.

Afterwards was dancing. I missed the call for one of them and ended up playing with Hanneke which was a lot of fun!
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As I was cleaning the craft room the boys started playing guitar and let me join in. It turned into half playing, half picture taking.

Playing with Matthew... I don't know why I look so short... or rather why he looks so tall.

Some think this is the result of an electric guitar...

... but I think it can be the person...
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... or people. :-)

Marscel showing us a song he is learning. Good job!

Doing a split in the air didn't turn out as good :-)

We wanted to get one of all of us together so we went downstairs where there was more room
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"Uh, guys? I think that was the last blink of the timer before it goes off... yep it was."

There we go!

This is quite amazing. Can you jump that high with your leg straight?

Micaiah tries to do the same... though the camera caught it a little late
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Pa and Mom were able to have some time just them two. Talking...
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... and visiting some historic cemeteries

Mom's art

My angelic parents.
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Every year we go to a nearby drive-in (where you watch a movie on a big screen from your car) and find it fun to go in our pj's (something Mom's done ever since she was little) We didn't count on having to get out to fill the tank.

"Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long..."

Unless of course your accelerator breaks and you are constantly going faster. Thankfully as I have said before Mom is a pro at driving and stays calm during things like this. Praise the Lord we were able to stop and we were all safe.

Remember we were on the way to the drive-in. We must have made a funny sight for everyone that passes by.
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