Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three cheers for Ryan, the anchor of our team! If you ever play you will want to be on his team... it won every time. As you can see in the previous picture (on the far right) he would call out so we would all pull at the same time.

Right after we finished I noticed I didn't have my thumb ring on. I was about 98% sure I had had it on earlier so I started looking for it. Others joined in and one of them suggested to get down on hand and knees, side by side to comb the ground...

Though the numbers grew, it was never found... and now I know why. It wasn't there! Today I found it in one of our rooms. Ooops, I'm sorry guys... thank you so much for looking! I guess it was just to get some good pictures for every one that blogs that was there :-) Moral of the story: Even when you think you are very sure of something there is the possibility that you are wrong.

Afterwards was dancing. I missed the call for one of them and ended up playing with Hanneke which was a lot of fun!
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