Southern Bros Part 3

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday morning preparation... or an advertisement for Rowenta irons

Moms special Cinnamon Rolls
Whole wheat, fruit sweetened, light and fluffy... the best EVER!

Vive le aloe smoothies!

Jack putting on the charm to a crowd of followers

Aidan puts on the charm giving Jack a break

Ultimate Frisbee!!!
Since I couldn't play because of my fall on the mountain I took pictures instead

Team 1

Team 2

This picture show the freezing hands... or the lack there of

Danny was so good, the opposing team put two people to guard him... and he had his wrist sprained!!!

"Good game, good game"
High fives all around

Including those invisible friends

We found out Willie and Micaiah are like two peas in a pod.

Planning on how to take over the world :-P

"One-upping" each other on goofy faces

Such a cute couple!

"She kissed me!" (said like the the king in Princess Bride)

An impromptu grab-someone-and-look-at-the-camera group shot

While cameras were readied for a real group shot we sang some songs...

... and listened to one of my favorite sounds... Pa playing the drums. He's totally awesome!

"I hope I can play the drums like that when I grow up!"

"Testing, testing... did the camera take it?"
Goofy shot #1

Goofy shot #2

Picture perfect!
Thus ended our visit with our southern bro's. We are so glad you guys could make it and had a grand time!

Snowboard/Ski trip and Southern Bros Part 2

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saturday morning the guys all went downstairs for the weekly online mentoring class with Geoff Botkin

So much to hear...

Afterward there is always a lot of great discussion on the various topics that were shared

Even Jack joined in

Opening the windows in our house in the winter usually means one thing...

Some oily substance spilled in the oven which in turn produces a smoke filled kitchen

Andrew is so good with little ones and they are always happy and content with him.

Camera wars...



Sides were taken and the games began.

Dakota and I won three consecutive games. Our victory came to a screeching halt upon the fourth game, against....

Marscel and Andrew! These guys were amazing together. We played at least three games against them to try for a come back game... lost, every one. They were the unbeatable team!

Willie goes vintage...

Matthew joins him as they go back in time...
"Want to come?"

When one cooks to long...

Even a tile floor can be a welcome rest

Edgar and Willie, brothers and boards

While Edgar, Willie and Dakota went on another boarding excursion, the rest of us played games and planned on going to bed early... but then ended up staying up later and watched a movie. Fun times!