Snowboard/ski trip and "Southern Bros" visit Part 1

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Last week Matthew put together a grand snowboard/ ski trip for which six of our friends from Georgia came to join us.

Shortly after arriving Thursday. I guess this is one way to release your wiggles after a long drive

Since we would have to leave early equipment was gathered...

...tried on for size (or creating a new style... I'm not sure which)...
... and adjusted to be ready to go.
As we were winding down for the night Micaiah came out in his own version of tie-dye pj's. Of course everyone had to take out their cameras and capture it amid great laughter. If anyone could pull the look off... I think Micaiah could.

Peter stayed with us too, kindly driving some of us up (since we don't have a vehicle for all of us to fit in), but we noticed a slight problem when he came... he was wearing a Yankees shirt. Mom fixed it with some tape and a marker replacing the Yankee logo with Boston Red Sox :-)

Mom juiced a whole bunch of sweet, fresh Florida oranges before the ride to the mountain.

For those who weren't going on the mountain the lodge made a nice place to sit, play with Jack, and fellowship with the others... which I ended up doing since I fell at the beginning of the day and had to sit out for the rest of the time.

Prepared and ready (it was freezing out!)

A wad of boarders

Matthew demonstrating how it's done

Andrew smoothly following

Despite the cold it was still fun

This is a great lunch...

A quick rest...

... then heading back out for some more fun.


There's just something I like about this picture... I think it's safe to say it's Matthew

Done for the day the two grandfathers take turns admiring Jack


Mortonclan said...

Thank you guys so much for having us up. It was lots of fun.
Cleveland and Andrew

AlissandraM said...

how can Peter be wearing such an atrocity!!!! ;)