Random Happenings and the SAICFF

Friday, March 2, 2012

Well, my computer has made it without crashing or other problems enabling me to be able to post :-)

Our deadline for unpacking was before Pa returned from his training. Sometimes things look worse before they get better... though just about anything looks better compared to when we first moved in!

We decided to rearrange my room... including the large book case

Doesn't it make you want to sit down and read?


Alrighty... the first of the after pictures!!! Here is the before picture of Pa and Mom's room: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dad2jU9Z1nY/Tsxl5Bhm2kI/AAAAAAAAFLE/hWde6GckWac/s1600/10-5+Master.jpg
This is the first room Mom's bureau mirror looks small, diminutive even

Corner angle

The bathroom is painted but still isn't quite in working order.

A recipe for success...ful desert, Fudgesicles.

The things we do for fun... experimenting with new hairstyles.

It's definitely different. Reminds us of those anime type drawings. I still like the curls better

And Pa's back from his weeks of training! He brought us all goodie bags of fun treats from Whole Foods to take on our trip

He gave the cutest Valentine to Mom too:
I love you more then chocolate
I love you more then wine
So darling won't you kiss me and be my valentine?

Having a coupon, we went to get Marscel some clothes from Kohls. They had so much on clearance we went back for Pa. He tried on so many things in the time we were there. It was fun picking out the different styles with Mom and Marscel. And of all days, the time I play wardrobe consultant I forget all my jewelry and throw my hair back... it was probably dirty too :-P Such is life.

Off to the seventh annual San Antonio Independent Film Festival! I loved seeing the three of these guys in the back bench together again

Excited to be there and see everyone

Enjoying Charlie Zahm and Tad Marks at the Arneson River Theatre

The crowd

"Make it one for Washington and all his gallant men..." ♪ ♫

Philip kept getting passed around... such an easy going little guy

Delighted by Virginia singing a sailors ballad

Captivated by the music
Even at the end of the day we enjoyed fellowship walking to the cars... and staying up even later enjoying more fellowship and an amazing array of raw treats by Tayla and Jamesy

Such an adorable pair

Any moment can turn into a learning experience
My beautiful sister! 
Isn't her skirt so fun? She made it... AND made one for me too! She's so generous and thoughtful!

I loved seeing Jordan's trailer on the big screen. Though it didn't win an award everyone loved it (you could tell by the cheering :-)

Our favorite feature film was Seasons of Gray. Great story line, great acting... I look forward to seeing more movies by Watermark Films.  After the showing we were able to meet the main actor, Andrew Cheney and hear more of the behind the scenes of the film. Definitely my favorite film seen!

Surprise!!! With Jordan's birthday a few weeks away he wasn't suspecting a birthday party.

How well do you know Jordan? Even though Jeremy couldn't be with us he made a great questionnaire game for us. 
Trying to figure out what the answers may be...

....and finding humor in them.

I think the boys have as much anticipation as Jordan
Philip brings so much joy wherever he is.

Fast friends

Late night street art... aka heading back to the conference center

Being a film festival we didn't get a lot of pictures in between as we were enjoying the films, but there is always time to grab a few. Like before a movie starts....

...or while waiting for a table

Time for a quick bite...

and a quick smile :-)

My sharp Little Man

That smile makes me melt!

One of our faithful photographers

The masses gather for the Jubilee awards and closing ceremony

And the ceremonies begin... the culmination of lots of hours of prayer and hard work

I love hearing Charlie Zahm live

Announcing one of the Jubilee awards
I love how expressive she is when she sings!
Standing Ovation

Guess what won the audience choice.... by a landslide? Seasons of Gray! It got our vote.

Be watching for this movie in theaters near you. If you know anyway to help show it go to:

And the 2012 Jubilee Grand Prize goes to...

 The #1 selling DVD! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to get a copy and see it. Their filming just keeps getting better and the message one we can all learn from.
Faith singing a farewell song from the 40's

Thank you so much to the Phillips family and the rest of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) team. We were so blessed!

Hearing more on one of the latest projects: http://hazardousjourneys.org/
The time always goes by so fast... makes us look forward to the next time we can gather to His glory again!

A parting picture with those we carpooled and stayed with. Fun times!

"When you get older you can be just like me!"

Good bye for now! Be sure to check out Jordan's blog for more pictures and different captions.
Thank you Jordan, Tayla, and Nathan for some of the pictures!