April 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello all!
It's been a lot longer then I would have liked from my last post, but honestly I wouldn't trade all the adventures we've been on just to get a blog post done. :-) The Lord has been faithful leading us every step of the way... which lately has meant plans that have changed every week, or day... or a few times in the day. Lots of traveling for our whole family as you shall soon (hopefully) see (In fact I haven't been home since shortly after the last post). We have been so very blessed seeing how the Lord works out the details down to the smallest things. 
"Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. 
Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart."
 And now... on to some happenings in April...

Taking your blood type at home can be very entertaining...
1. Marscel: "Ahhhhh..."
Mom: "I'm just cleaning your finger, I'm not even holding anything sharp!"
2. Marscel: "Oh... I guess I can still watch"
3. Kisses make it all better, right?

We finished our little tin of Chimes ginger chews one day and I told Mom how I saw this cute idea on pinterest turning the tin into a pen holder for the fridge (picture on left). A minute later there it was on ours (on right). I think that was the fastest pinterest/craft project completed!


Our friend Joy came to visit for a few weeks... of course a visit to the old drug store museum was needed.

You don't want to get on the wrong side of the owner of this

Hey, look brothers, something from St. Louis

I present to you your new drugists... actually the two ladies here COULD answer a lot of your health questions.

"Do you have Prince Albert in a can?" "Yes."
"Well, you'd better let him out before he suffocates!?"
Never seems to get old...
Camera art

What better way to capture both sides of the street then from the middle... and in Guthrie you can.

I think this safari hunter was given wrong directions somewhere along his travels

 Everyday life here also includes laundry time... I'm not sure it could qualify as a highlight of the town, though

David sharing his latest technology with Marscel: the ipad mini

One more walk around town

Enjoying spring (hard to believe summers almost over!)

One of my favorite pictures of the year

Our little town

A little history before the end of the visit. I'm glad you were able to come visit, Joy!

It's always a wonderful time visiting with the Benders.

These two so kindly found some contributions for me to take pictures of

Chicken tricks

Enjoying how green everything was becoming

Exploring the lanes...

I love seeing other sisters who love to be with each other and hang out together


At the end of a super fun chase to the end of the big field we found the lighting was perfect for silhouettes... fun for all ages

One of the guys in our church sheers alpacas and invited some of us to go watch for a little. Alpacas must be so relieved when it's sheering season in Oklahoma :-)

Hey! How's it going?

Lillian time! 

 Walking a property here is like taking a mini hike

Getting ready for the biggest parade in Guthrie: 89'ers day when they had the land run

Always plenty of horses here. This was the cutest family with the horses matching their height

A random picture of us all ready for church on Sunday.

Trying out some friends boom-boom sticks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWSYiGpLrHY)

Don't mess with this Mama

Looks like a minute man statue

I was hired to make a complete 18th century gentleman's outfit... If you don't want to see some photo steps of the process you can come back when I have May posted otherwise proceed...
Step 1-Measurements

Step 2-Pin pattern to Underlining

Step 3-Cut out
Step 4-Repeat with fashion fabric

Step 5-Repeat with lining

All necessary pieces cut and ready to go

I love little reminders of God's love like when I was flat-lining wondering if I would get everything I needed to done before the conference coming up and I come back to my sewing after a break and notice a perfect heart formed by the thread

Flat lining complete

And here I leave you with the inside of a frock coat (the black squares are pockets). I'm sure you all really wanted to see this. Stay tuned for the completed look.
Until then this gypsy bids farewell...