Erik and Amber's wedding

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pull up a chair and enjoy the post. At the end is the latest big news of our family.

Two of my darling nephews... and why are we there?

" Wuv, twue wuv... is what bwings us togever today"

Getting her nails done pretty

 Setting the stage

The tulle transformers

Time for the ladies to get ready.

As everyone is getting ready Amber asks for a glue gun. I was a bit puzzled at what craft she would want to do on her wedding.... flowers for your hair! Sunflowers make great hair ornaments and last some hours. All you have to do is glue a hair pin on the back. Isn't that genius?!?

Pictures of them getting their pictures taken

The Hansen Siblings

 And the rest of the lovely family

The boys arrive

...along with the movie stars Mr. and Mrs Brad Steele

See over there? That is a no go zone

 Where the men wait for the right time...

All right folks, it's time!

The procession begins

The moment arrives

Anticipation mounts

The bride has come
Even though it is a little blurry I love the look they are sharing

from Melissa's angle

The radiantly beautiful bride

Praying a blessing over the new couple by their fathers

You may now kiss the bride 
(unfortunately the only picture I got of them kissing was super blurry. Just think of a sweet fairy tale)

"...As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
      So shall your God rejoice over you"

The new Mr. and Mrs. Erik Hansen dancing their way out

Right after they played a video of the story of how they met. It is such a beautiful tale God's love and faithfulness and the reward that comes when you wait and trust in Him. You can view it here

Instead of a cake they had many different pies

This picture represents the fun time we had dancing to end the night.

For those of you with good memories (or that just scrolled to the bottom of the page to see what the news is) the latest big change for us is that we are moving again! Our year contract runs out the end of the month and they wanted to raise the rent. The Lord led us to a place the first day we started looking at places. A Victorian type apartment in the center of town that needs a bit of renovating. With the help of our wonderful friends we have already started packing and will be moving and fixing the place up over the month. I will try and get some pictures of the place up before my computer gets packed.

You may be wondering what we did the rest of September. We had an amazing family vacation together in Utah and Jordan did such a great post (even if he did leave out a few of the best pictures IMHO) and since I took half the pictures anyway, it will be like reading my blog except with his wonderfully funny commentary (any of his pokes at me is his way of saying I'm his favorite sister-in-law and wishes we lived even closer... or something like that) Go check it out: