Second Hand Fashion Week

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Friend Amanda Flynn was hosting a Second Hand Fashion Week over on her fashion blog this past week. What is it about? As she says,
"The purpose behind this event is to celebrate frugal fashionistas and their awesome creativity. In the whole fashion world there is this mindset that in order to be really fashionable, we need to pick up high end pieces, brand new, and spend a fortune on our wardrobes so that we can somehow be accepted as a fashionista. I don't know about you, ladies, but I'm not buying into it. In fact, I can't afford to buy into it. I believe that God has commissioned us to be good stewards of what he has given us and breaking our budget (especially in shopping for something as frivolous as clothes ;) is not a good thing.

Over the years, I have collected a whole lot of clothes secondhand; either by shopping my favorite thrift stores or by receiving cast offs and hand-me-downs. Some people might have a problem with wearing an item that had formerly belonged to someone else, but I say that if it looks good on you, don't worry about who wore it beforehand. If you can take secondhand pieces and reinvent them to make them your own, you are a true fashionista. :)"

As the majority of our things are second hand we thought it would be fun to join in.... and it has been. I was so glad the boys were able to join me for some of the days and even Mom joined in today. *NOTE Everything is hand-me-down or found at a thrift store unless stated*

Day 1
This is my "Dr.Suess" outfit as the shirt reminds me of something one of his characters would wear. The shirt came in some bag. Once people heard we like second hand clothes we have been blessed with many bags full of them. Once a lady asked mom where she got the skirt she was wearing. "Bags," Mom said. The lady wanted to know where the store was located :-)

What I'm wearing:
Brown Undershirt by Old Navy
Striped top by Union Bay
Skirt by Old Navy
Shoes by Hush Puppies
Necklace - antique key on faux leather
(He said when you hold things it looks less awkward... the flower pot didn't work)

Shirt by Stranded
Pants by Steve and Barry's Premium Denim


T-shirt by Stranded
Shirt by Cherokee
pants by Union Bay
hat by OSFA
Shoes by (Kohls)
Day 2- Rainy Day Rescue

While I normally wear skirts more often there are times when pants are just more practical. And while I generally like a pair of jeans best for pants, since we were going to help friends whose basement flooded I decided to go with my least favorite pair of pants in case they got dirty :-)

Tank top by Motherhood (while at a maternity thrift store with Melissa I found out maternity tank tops are generally more modest then others I've found... just a little tip)
Hoodie by Josephine Chaus Sport
Pants by Gap
Hemp necklace made by me

T-shirt by Gildan
Overshirt byWetlands Bugle Boy
Coat by For All Seasons
Pants by Gap
Watch by Persona (that's dead... he wear's it like a bracelet)
Boots by Airwalk


Undershirt by Point Zero
T-shirt by Fruit of the Loom
pants by Levi's

Day 3

In this season the mornings are usually cool but by afternoon a long sleeve shirt is too warm.
Long sleeve shirt by Banana Republic
Alternate short sleeve shirt by SO... so real. so right.
skirt by Larry Levine
Boots by Sonoma (Kohl's clearance)
Jewelry Set made by Kathy Snyder

The shoes Micaiah is wearing is one of his favorite thrift store finds. They still had the tag on them! Check out the last of these three pictures to see how he laced them.

T- shirt by American Apparel
Hoodie by Utility
Pants by dkny Jeans
Shoes by ÉS
red sash by ... he doesn't know... he just found it somewhere


Shirt by XG
Sweater by axcess a Claiborne company
Pants by Levi Strauss
Necklace made by Kathy Snyder
Day 4

This is definitely a new favorite outfit. In the fall, at a thrift store, in VA an older lady shopping over heard me say I liked this shirt and bought it for me!

Tank top by Old Navy
Over shirt by Notations
Skirt by White Stag
Shoes by So Wear It Declare It (Kohls)
Jewelry by Kathy Snyder

by NXS
Pants by Old Navy
Shoes by ÉS
Day 5

This is one of the most unique skirts I've ever seen. It has two tabs in the front and back that make the skirt scrunch when you pull them.
Skirt by Donna Mena
Shirt by Express Jeans
Jean Jacket by Ann Taylor
Shoes by MIA


Shirt by Mossimo Supply Co. (Target)
Pants by Mossimo Supply Co.

Day 6

Shirt by Storm
Skirt made by me from hand-me-down fabric (Thank you Victoria!)
Shoes by I love Comfort (Sears)
Jewelry set by Kathy Snyder


I'm so glad Mom was able to join us for a day too! Isn't she so beautiful?!?!
Shirt by More by Lata
Skirt by Grace Elements
Sandles by pazzaro (Sale at Footlocker)
Jewelry Set made by missionaries in Thailand

Suit Jacket by Anderson-Little Co. by
Shirt by J. Ferrar
Pants by Jordache
Shoes by Soft Stag (online store)