Friends visit us, we visit friends, and More

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Taking a step back to catch up on some happenings that were on Mom's camera I begin with a night that Pa told us to get dressed up for something special. 

Pa wrote a renewal of his wedding vows to Mom

What could this be?

The Vows beautifully framed

Us foursome
As we didn't know what Pa had planned Mom found this retro dress to wear from the 70's and I wore a wedding dress from a friend from the 60's that's fun to find occasions to wear it for.

Nertz! Gotta love a good speed game!

While I was at Jordan and Melissa's the others went to explore the Red Canyon.

Hangin' out

Mom's art

Looks like a fun little place to go

Our Independence Day Celebration planning committee

Switching back to the rest of my time with J&M... I must say I'm glad Melissa was the one doing the cooking part as I can't imagine how a banana, onion and mushrooms go together.

Sometimes we had to wait a bit past supper time for things to finish cooking...

... and then there were times of feasting!

Lights, Cameras, ACTION!

Behind the scenes, bath time!

I love little kids wrapped in towels!
Did you know William took this picture? He loved the little remote.

Trying to find the best angle for one of the meals... from the right, from the left, a little higher... no, a little lower.

Right after I arrived home the Hampsons came to visit. They are the only family that has visited us in our non-New England states of Washington and now Oklahoma

Julie an exchange student from France came with them. Guns not being allowed in France for private citizens we took her to the gun shop across the street. They let her hold some different guns and take pictures... definitely not in New England either!

Waiting for the 89ers parade to start

Taking a pictuure of Elizabeth taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of... I think you get the point

If I had a car like this I'd want to be in a parade too!

After touring the rest of the center of town we went to a rodeo nearby.


A site of what we saw... calf roping

We had such a great time with you, Hampsons and Julie!

mirror art

"The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes."

I finally got around to taking after picture of my room.

 You can see the before angles here

Pictures are the last thing for me to put up. I was still moving furniture around until recently

The most colorful carrots I've seen!

Meeting new friends is so much fun... especially when you find out you have a ton in common! 
The Russels are one of those families

I took a short clip of them all jamming together that you can see here

The guitar line up before playing games and...

 ...making some shadow art on our back roof.

So much fun can be exhausting

Where could one find such beautiful, home grown roses? Why at Jordan and Melissa's! We were able to go up for the weekend and go to Bakers Creek Festival with them

Enjoying an evening with the neighbors

Philip is very much like William in his love for smoothies (here he was about the same age, also enjoying it to the last drop) repeating "please, please" over and over again if you pause feeding him.

Philip had a big bug bite on his back that we did our transducer on. He just sat there patiently looking around while Little Locksley entertained us with books.

Teaching the boys drumming techniques... They loved it

Little guys chilling with big guys

It pretty much made my week to teach Philip a new word. I would say "Kiss?", *make the kissing sound*, "Kiss?" and then kiss him all over. When I stopped he said, "Tiss, tiss" and lean forward and give me a kiss!

Dinner time before Bible study on a beautiful night

William was loving feeding Jordan with all the show Jordan was putting on

I'm not really sure how it started, but Pa started dancing to the music (Jordan wired it to play outside and inside)...
and Marscel joined in

Flipping between this picture and the last is so funny

We were supposedly going for a walk

It struck us how funny this was... Jordan sitting inside with a fan blowing on him and a nice cool drink in hand talking to Pa working hard in the sun. The pose was slightly exaggerated for the picture...but only slightly.

The adorable little "Scooter"

At Bakers Creek walking through the vendor tables we come upon some friends selling their wonderful smelling home made soaps

Watching some of the contestants for the music competition... yodeling, folk, country, and more!

For those of you who read Jordan's blog you will remember the costume contest they hold too. Every year they go Melissa is in the top finals... This year was no exception

Getting second place they asked to take her picture for promotional use for the company (Bakers Creek is an heirloom seed company)

Our little group

My "little" brother is not so little anymore!

My debonair dad

When we got back home, Melissa started weeding her garden which turned into a picture taking session.

One of my favorite pictures of the day!

They're still the adorable lovebirds they were when they first were married... and for those who haven't heard: They are expecting #3!!!!! We're so excited!

With glasses...

... or without. That is the question.

um... father/son, I-like-this-picture art

She decorated that hat the night before and that morning!

William was a bit disappointed about something and Jordan started copying his faces

It makes William laugh to see Jordan's faces...

... and when your happy you can't even pretend to be sad


The lighting was so perfect and they were wanting more pictures with their nerdy looking glasses

"You won't take more pictures?" 

"But we look so good!"

I don't know where they get these faces!

My little Man

Smiles are their favorite!

One of the most all around beautiful girls I know!
Another fun fact about her outfit... the shirt was Jordan's great-grandmothers wedding shirt!

The happiest, cuddliest little guy I've ever seen

Us three sisters... I mean Mom and us two girls (We have been asked if we were sisters... not surprising having such a youthful looking mom)

Mom being herself.... I don't know why we were so shocked

Pa joins in the glasses fun

Like father like son 
I remember Pa doing this with any pair of glasses he put on since I was really little... still makes us laugh

Top hats should definitely come back in style

Can't get enough of this munchkin!

After taking pictures of the others with the glasses I succumbed and tried them on... so nerdy I almost like it. Thus I close with my nerdy steampunk look.
Aurevoir mon amis!