Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As Michael came from work he had all of the landscaping tools. Mom and Jeff got to try out the lawn mowers while Marscel tried out the high powered leaf blower (I think that's what it was). Mowing in the dark made for an interesting looking lawn in the morning :-)

You know how most electronic kids toys last about a month (if that) and then die? this Connect Four game lasted us over ten year! Someone had given it to us when we went out to Washington. *sniff* May it rest in peace...

On Saturday we went to Sarah Itterman's graduation. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of the ceremony part as Michael was there and didn't remember until after that I don't get to download all his pictures anymore (though Rebekah did send me some. Thank you!)

My view of a real photographer. I love you, bro!
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Brantley Harris said...

Hello Thomases!

It was nice to meet y'all in person in Boston. I notice the fellas here are into landscaping. Tyler and I were in the business since we were 7 and 8 and also ran Scags.
Love the blog. Hope to see y'all again soon,
God Bless,
Brantley Disharoon


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