Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Uh, guys? I think that was the last blink of the timer before it goes off... yep it was."

There we go!

This is quite amazing. Can you jump that high with your leg straight?

Micaiah tries to do the same... though the camera caught it a little late
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The Flynn Family said...

My you guys ROCK!! I love it! Inspires me to grab my guitar and jump off a cliff or, something...


Melanie said...

Well you have inspired us to grab our guitars more, but I wouldn't recommend jumping off a cliff... I've heard it isn't safe.

11acrewood said...

Same here, but I don't know about the cliff thing either...

Y'all are so fun! We loved these pics. Family is so great, aren't they?!!

In Christ,

Rebekah, for the Fam


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