Cedric Robert Thomas

Sunday, May 26, 2013

~Cedric Robert Thomas~
May 20, 2013 at  5:27pm
9 pounds
 21 1/4 inches long
More pictures will come of the newest addition as I post, but I wanted to get this announcement up!


Here follows some of the miscellaneous merriness of February... enjoy!

First time snowboarding in 2 years... and I made it out whole! Unfortunately Marscel sprained his elbow... thankfully it was at the end of the day and he was able to enjoy boarding again too. Since I don't take my camera up the mountain with me, I'll leave it to your imagination the view from the top and the fun carving the slope.

Since John's birthday was near, they surprised him with a little party the next day

With the cake Stephanie made of his favorite airplane

My dear friend Tabitha and fellow photographer

Someone picked up my camera and started snapping a few pictures... I told them it doesn't work to black mail someone when you use their camera as they have control of the pictures... then I look at it and find I rather like it

When the Mellos dropped us back off at Grandmas we found out these two Portuguese princesses unknowingly matched.

What are these fancy beds for, but to experiment with comfort levels? :-)

Helping Grandma clean out one of her apartments. Over the time we were there we were able to get one of them all done!

Some people have big mouths and some just have mouths that are big... I'll leave it to you to guess which applies

Group hug!

And... she's 90!

Celebrating with friends and family

Never too old to dance... none of the workers at this place guessed she was 90 :-)

Grandma and three brothers - Butch, Henry, and John

Since we haven't had much snow in Oklahoma I was excited that we were in MA for a "blizzard"... while it snowed a few feet I would hardly call it a blizzard. I remember lots of winter snows like this growing up.

It was a lot harder for Marscel to shovel since his elbow was sprained, but he was a trooper. As we were shoveling away we realized it would be dark long before we were finished. Because of how deep the snow was we had to walk out on the road to throw the snow back on her yard since we couldn't throw it it over the mound we had already made. Marscel said how nice it would be if all of a sudden it was 125 degrees out and melt the remaining snow. I didn't feel like finishing it that night, but it had to be done for one of Grandmas tenants by morning. Many plow trucks had passed by and I started asking myself why one of them couldn't stop and do in a few minutes what would take us all night. I realized I should think of things I was thankful for instead. I started thanking God for the strength and ability to get it done, that we were healthy and prayed the He would give us the strength to finish it. A few minutes later as we were trudging along a plow truck slowed, stopped, and motioned with his hand saying, "Move back out of the way." I took a few steps back not really sure what he was doing. "No... go to the side of the driveway" (where we had already shoveled). Marscel and I stood back, he lowered his plow pushing the majority of the rest  out of the way in 5 or so big swipes. With a wink and "I'll let you finish the rest" he was off leaving us a small section behind our van to clear with renewed energy. "Well," Marscel said, "that was the 125 degree weather I prayed for!" Our prayers were answered, our faith built. 


Welcome to a spontaneous Chinese New Year party

The tables are ready, we may now feast

Better then a restaurant!

Mom teaching Aidan the finer art of chopstick use

A visit to New England just wouldn't be the same without seeing Kathy
"Better is a dinner of herbs where love is,
Than a fatted calf with hatred." 
And dinners here, big or small, always seem like kingly meals with all the love that goes into it

Entertainment isn't a hard thing for us to find... this night it came in the form of watching Marscel sneak up on one of the dogs with a chicken that squeaks. The dogs reaction was so funny

It was so nice being able to catch up and hear what the Lord is doing in the lives of other dear friends...

... and the moms that raised us. 
These ladies will be forever young... they are so much fun!

Grandma always likes giving us treats which has been a bit difficult since we don't have a typical diet. She was so excited to finally find something we would have, Greek yogurt, much better than pre-made pastries and pies.

Tia brought over a video of old family films. That's Mom on the left and her twin siblings Ron (middle) and Rita (right)

We were thankful that Grandpa made it through having a heart attack ok and that we were able to stop by and say hi.

In preparation for Josh's going away party we stopped at the military surplus store to find some military type outfit to wear to it. Of course different options had to be tried on.

Officers outfits always make for a striking look... if only they were US not German.

On "internet alley" (the only couch where we could connect) enjoying pictures of Peter's trip to Europe.

Josh's going away party
The whole room was decorated in military pictures, posters, and such

A table in honor of Roger and the Flynns that have served in different branches of the military

The joy shared over an inside joke :-)

Some of us that had dressed up

This reminds me of the little cartoon characters from Beetle Bailey

As of yesterday he finished his Advanced Infantry Training.
We're praying for you, Josh!

Mirror art

Heading back west, we were able to stop for a few days with the Mairas

A glimpse into the recording studio. Any one else think their voice sounds funny when recorded?

Me and my little MishMash

Stopping in St. Louis for a conference for the guys we were able to spend some time with Michael, Rebekah, and their boys.

I love this kind of alarm clock

While Pa and the boys were at a Mens advance us girls went to a talk for the ladies

They had a night for the whole family. Here Micaiah, Marscel, and Daniel show the freshness and better flavor of organic vegetables from Vester Brook Farm... don't forget to eat your kale! :-)

Pictures of Sunday evening with the Zeses is like pictures of taking a walk at Jordan and Melissa's

Uncle Marscel giving the littles a gift.

Play time with Philip learning to defend home and family

 William came running from the other room, "Melanie, Melanie, get your camera. You need to come get a picture of Philip!" I grab my camera and follow him and Philip turns to smile sweetly for me... yeah, pretty cute, huh?

Thanks for stopping by even when I'm months behind!