Thursday, July 30, 2009

It finally feels like summer is here! New England is so unpredictable. It changes so fast. We have been very busy with various events and studies. Hopefully I'll get more pictures of the everyday for next time. Hope you are all having a fabulous summer!

For His honor and Glory!


Joseph H. said...

Hey Matthew,
Glad you made it to my blog. Thanks for giving your input, its been a huge heated debate! Its very multifaceted!!
I saw you liked Nacho Libra, OMG funnest movie ever. Most people just don't get it! You basically wrote my favorite movie list... made me laugh.
I'll try to have my 500 post up soonish... We shall see.

Nice blog,

Joy said...

Hi Thomas Family,
I wanted to to leave a note (best way I know to get in touch with you all). I know the Matriarch of Thomas family is an essential oil guru. My mom is also joining in the fun. She has this neat thing going on this Thursday night, a free event where a Doctor dude will be discussing emergency preparedness using essential oils. It will be Aug 6 form 7-9pm at the Taunton Holiday Inn. It is a company so I am sure there may some advertising, but hopefully it will mostly cool free info.

Joy Capodanno

Matthew Thomas said...

Joseph, Most of our friends don't get that movie either. Their loss. ;-)
It was wonderful seeing you in Boston and hope that we may meet again in the near future.


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