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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hey, thanks for stopping by! As usual there about 150,000 pictures for every 2 minutes of "free time" we have. But hey, pictures are being posted. Better some then none, right? Your smiling, right? & just bouncing up and down in your seat waiting to see the pictures we posted, right? Oh! With such a cheerful attitude of course I'll move on to the actual post!

Last week we went to an Amazing Masquerade. At the same exact time there was an online masquerade contest going on at www.amandabethonline.blogspot.com. What an AmazinG coinkidink! Shocking how things like that happen...

So to make a non-long story short, we decided to put a few pics up of us in our Masquerade attire. (by-the-weigh, this is Matthew posting)

Thanks to an extension making today the deadline, we decided to wait (procrastinate?) until the very last moment to post. "Fashionably late as usual...."

The oldest 3 Thomas kids left at home. Or are we? I love masks... you have NO idea who's who. We're so sneaky...

The Things
~ These masks were made out of plaster wrap, sanded down, & painted. The music notes were stamped/embosed on vintage looking paper then glued on. It was finished with a decorate puff paint type paint design. ... Many hours including 2 2am+ nights went into them, powered by plenty of maple-syrup, ice cubed coffee (Thing 1's first ever). I think that 80% of the time was in trying to figure out how to make it & practising what we were going to do.

At one point we (Micaiah, Marscel, & Matthew) needed materials from Joann Fabrics. We noted the humor of such a manly scene as us three guys strode in, walking in a sort of triangular fashion. I don't know if any Joanns has ever scene such depth from male brains as ours has... *I say, draw it humble!* oops, sorry. Ok, moving on...

Micaiah & Jacob Flynn. (I know, Jacob doesn't have a mask on... his face is just too good to cover)

Marscel's mask. You can't see it very well here, but he powdered the right side of his hair white to keep the Black & White theme. (Can you guess what color his socks were?)

Me & my mask.

I'm probably breaking all the rules of online contests by posting this picture of someone outside our family, but it is too amazing not to post! The notes on his mask play the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean!!! Wow, talent. Skilz. (we made our masks together with him & his brother, at our house... so that shouldn't totally disQ us. :p)

Zoro & his ESFP

The Fam

What one does for a picture...

Memories of the past...

& with that I conclude. Hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. A Shout out to my Sister Melanie for such an amazing blog look! I'm lovin it.


Ruth Barton said...

You guys did such a great job on your masks and outfits! That was such a fun day! I wish it had lasted longer... (sigh). Oh and Melanie, applause for the new blog look, it's great!

Melanie said...

Thanks Ruth... gotta love blogger templates :-)

Matthew, great captions (even if some of them were inside jokes "I say, draw it humble"):-)

Scaricari said...

Okay, so based on this post, I just had to tell you that a friend of Ryan Leach (yes, Ryan Leach) invited me to a "Zorro Party" and I am instructed to:

Come as your favorite bandit, hero, alcalde, heroine or other zorro character (all you need is a mask!)

Any suggestions?!?

The Dischers said...

Fabulous masks! Reminds me of the celebration in "Much Ado About Nothing" with Emma Thompson. I wonder if this will be the next party my kids will want to host?

Why, Matthew, you're quite the witty caption-er! (Is that a word? Blogger tells me it is - with the dash)

Loved the post!
Mrs. Discher

Melanie said...

Hey Cari,

Sorry if it is too late, but whatever you decide to go as, if you want, you can borrow the "zorro" mask we have... or if you've seen a costume you'd like to borrow let us know.

Rosie said...

That looks like such fun!
You guys don't know us, we are friends of the Hathaways and we know you through them, and through Michael and Jordan's blogs.....

I love the new blog look and what a great post Matthew.

~Rosie, for all The Clan