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Friday, October 1, 2010

Last week we were able to take a week away and go to a cabin with our friend Kathy on a lake in NH. But before I update about that, for those who haven't heard via person, phone, or facebook...
We are moving to Oklahoma.
Pa was offered a job there (within Raytheon) that really seems to fit perfect for him.
We would greatly appreciate your prayers during this time of transition.. especially to find a buyer for our house.

Finally packed and ready to go. It took us a couple hours to finagle everything we were planning on taking in the car. I sure miss our van at times like this! The boys did an awesome job packing the trunk. I don't think there was a free square inch!

They packed so well, Mom had to get in the trunk to retrieve the loose vegetables in the back.

Vacation = more time to chill and chat with your siblings in the mornings... and the rest of the day

Kathy had a meeting and left her and her sisters dog with us. They were sad to see her go

The cabin was right on Suncook Lake. I was quite thrilled to find out they owned a row boat that we could go out on whenever we wanted to! I love row boats.

The simple solution when your hair gets wild and the sink is at a distance

Later Micaiah took me across the lake
Milo doesn't like giving up a cozy seat and was okay with Marscel crab walking to get places

The best way to go on a walk is subjective

Mom found this cute puppy

There's always time for beading when we're with Kathy

Can I help you?
When the sun hid behind a cloud it would get pretty chilly, but Mom was ever hopeful for it's return

Kathy grew up coming to this lake and shared many stories and her favorite spot with me... the swamp
My favorite hang out for the week.

My art

The spiders art
As I sat there I started hearing these plopping sounds and looked up to see tons of fish jumping!

The jumping fish

"From the rising of the sun to its going down
The LORD’s name is to be praised. "


Santa's workshop aka the porch.
Kathy got old cigar boxes to sand down their logo and wood burn your own on it

I took Micaiah out to where Kathy showed me in the swamp where we "anchored" to read for a while...

...and enjoy God's creation

The water was very clear with all sorts of plants to see on the bottom

I find it amazing how smoothly these spiders glide across the top of the water

These turtles let us get amazingly close to take their picture.

Marscel and I took Mom out to see the beauty of the lake
Taking a turn around the "swamp"
Micaiah and I had seen a rope swing across the lake on the edge of these woods and went back with Marscel to explore a bit. (You can see when Matthew, Micaiah, and Marscel jumped off the rope swing later in the week if you click their names)

Yeah!!! Apple picking time!

"Look at all these apples! Quick grab some and look over here!"

Apple picking is the perfect way to welcome fall
Overwhelmed by the sweet crispness

In search of the perfect apple

There it is!

Apple art

Micaiah's apple art
The trees were beautiful, the lighting perfect, and my subjects handsome and very obliging.

My second subject

One of the prettiest orchards I've been to.

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold
In settings of silver."

As soon as Pa and Matthew joined us I took Matthew out to the swamp. The colors changed quite a bit in the week we were there.
Matthew conquering the log that blocked our path, but it stood it's ground.

Instead we took a picture on this litle beach before the log...

... and headed home.

The water warmed up enough for the boys to enjoy it for a bit

The gentle rock of a rowboat is so peaceful they can put you to sleep

Unless they are commandeered

The pirated paddle

Father and son time

As far as chihuahua's go, Milo is the cutest I've seen... maybe because he likes me

The trio

What beats being on the lake WHILE being serenaded by a brother?

Another beautiful sunset


Vacation just wouldn't be complete without a game of Monopoly... complete with the hour long discussion/debate as to which rules we'll play by

"Is it pi times the radius squared for the area of a circle?"

Exploring the shallowest part of the swamp.
I lined up the camera on self timer. The boat rocked perfectly as I got in to frame it nicely.

With all the rowing we did blisters were inevitable, but so worth it

Our last night there Matthew, Micaiah, and I went out on the lake where we sky gazed (we weren't JUST looking at stars)

The boys also brought the stuff to"breathe fire"

Disclaimer for all children: Do not try at home unless you have your parents permission

Because it was dark out it looks even more impressive

Our dialog is rather cheesy (or maybe it's that our voices sound strange on a recording), but I was just filming for fun

I like this picture. I love my parents.

"Love, twoo love, is what brings us together today"

"Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind." ~Princess Bride

Walking dogs? An uncommon sight for Pa and Mom

You'd think she likes animals!

The last row

The dogs were so excited to see Kathy again they got all tangled up

A quick stop to the apple orchard before heading home

Good bye from the "leftovers"


isnipeu76 said...

That's the news I really did not want to hear (yes, I'm being selfish). But, glad to hear God has opened yet another door for you all. I will be praying that you can sell your house quickly. We really need to see you all one last time...


Ruth Barton said...

Wow great pictures of your vacation! Looks like you guys had fun! Nice fire breathing Matthew and Micaiah! and uh Micaiah...... what were you drinking in the boat? Looks suspicious,( though I am guessing it is water) :p
I am going to miss you guys so much!!!!!! We want to come down to see you before you leave. I'm really sad about your leaving, but am praying for you all through this time of change.
Love you all!

pasco community said...

Oklahoma, huh? I think Micaiah is gonna go hillbilly on us (No mullets! cus my mullet jail will have fire proof bars. To keep fire breathing mullet freaks in!). What the heck is Raytheon? Never mind I justed googled it. Do you think your Dad could get me an Exoskeleton Robotic Suit? No, really We'll be praying for ya'll. It will be good. Now your that much closer to GA which means, we are that much more likely to visit:)


pasco community said...

Dad saw your blog for the first time tonight and really liked it! Were going to be following your blog all the way to OK. So post a lot. You can stay with us on the way! :) Roberts family

Our Family said...

Which part of Oklahoma are you moving to?
We have a Christian bookstore and coffee shop in Downtown OKC. www.lifehouse.org

Stephanie said...

Where in Oklahoma? My family and I live in Rogers, AR just two hours from Tulsa. You probably don't remember me, but I met you and Melissa and your mom about 5.5 years ago at a Father/Daughter retreat.

Melanie said...

We are in Edmond just out side Oklahoma City... we shall have to stop by your book store once we're more settled in. It's only 20 minutes away. :-)

Stephanie, We are about two and half hours south of Tulsa, which is probably closer to four hours away. :-(

arkraft said...

Looks like we have a mutual friend in Jon Courville. I was chatting with him tonight about a blog post of mine and he recommended me to your family.
We, too, live just on the outskirts of OKC, about 20 minutes South-West of Edmond.
If we can be of any help in welcoming you to the area (which doesn't hold a candle, I'm sure, to Mass.), let me know.
You can look me up on FB, gmail (arkraftdesigns@gmail.com) or just my blog.... but good luck finding any info there. ;)

Welcome to OKC.


Melanie said...

It's amazing seeing how many people live so close. As soon as we get a bit more settled in we'll have to touch bases. Thanks for the welcome!