Monday, November 15, 2010

Here's part two of our trip and our arrival to Oklahoma. I don't have all the pictures of our time with Jordan and Melissa so you can go to Jordan's blog if you care to see those.

We had found out Jordan and Melissa's church was hosting a Reformation Celebration Dance and planned to arrive the day before. We almost missed it with all the car fiasco's, but thankfully we were only a little late and had a grand time. Thanks for the Pics Jordan!



... and whirling about...

We danced all night...

... till we were at the end of our might.
(I really should stop these lame attempts at poetry)
I think Micaiah's face showed how we felt...very tired, but having too much fun to stop
Welcome to Oklahoma!

For those who wanted to see our house, here it is (along with some of our neighbors house)

Guess who's room this is?

Yes, it's mine and no, the sports theme border and light are not staying :-)

The boys room before the truck came

In it's current state... actually every room changes constantly as things are unpacked, so it looks quite different now

Pa and Mom's room. I don't have an "after" picture yet

The sitting room/library/music room before...

... and now

Unpacking the kitchen. Did you know that the place that a microwave usually goes fits a dehydrator perfectly?

Anything fragile is wrapped individually in paper creating mountains of paper piles. This was just from our teacups!

After you flatten a few hundred papers it can get rather tiring

The living room area packed...

and (mostly) unpacked

The office in makeshift mode

Our first guests!!!

We were so blessed by the Niednagels being able to stop by on their trip

Our new "pantry" perfectly stacked

When your kitchen is still in disarray Chipotle's is the place to go; with antibiotic and hormone free meat and local, organic produce when they can, great prices, and a delicious taste it's hard to beat (especially when it's less then 3 miles away :-)

The boys hair needed some trimming and since there is no time like the present... they got it cut.

Micaiah's before

Marscel's before... you will have to stay tuned for the after as I haven't loaded them yet

We were also blessed with a visit from Michael and Sarah Hipps and their new little one, Caroline. The time went by so fast we didn't take many pictures.

This picture is one that get funnier the more I look at it. Everyone is so cheesy except for Mom

Marscel got some new shoes... but not just any shoes. They're heelys. But with such a fun shoe comes a warning...

They ARE slippery
After the first fall there hasn't been another and now he's rolling around like a pro.

The joys of technology
Even though hundreds of miles apart I can still post a picture of our "visit" with Michael and Rebekah. I miss you two!! ... and Jack of course!

That's all for now... off to unpack more boxes.

"I will praise You forever,
Because You have done it;
And in the presence of Your saints
I will wait on Your name, for it is good."


Erin Leigh said...

We miss that you are not close by, but are glad that everything seems to be going well! Love to all! -The Waites (Molly just started crawling everywhere - she chases Jesse and they play peek-a-boo!)

Patty L said...

Love all the creative storage. that is one of my favorite things in a house!! Love the kitchen... oh, to have tea with all of you!!
Wow! Marscel already looks like he's grown alot!!!
Save all that paper for fire starter, that is IF, it ever gets cool enough to warrant a fire!
Miss you and am so happy to see you all working together!! Hugs form all us Lueken's
Our boys bet back on the 22nd in time for Thanksgiving!!

Hillary Hipps said...

Ahhhhh!!!! You met my little niece!! Isnt she a doll!! I actually haven't met her... but I will!! It is lovely to see y'all making that house a home and maybe I will be able to come see you all now! =)

huh.. The word verification was "payorme" what does that even mean?

AlissandraM said...

those were lovely pictures. I'm glad to see that it seems you guys are settling in fine :) but...

AH!! I knew the first thing to go would the their hair!!! It's goneeee :'( :P

Simply me said...

Woah even though its a different house in a different place it still kinda looks like your old one with all your stuff in it :) everything looks GREAT! Thanks for the update! :)

RyanDE said...

Hey Thomas family! How are you all? Thanks for posting pictures. I'm glad to see that you're settling into your new home. I should call you all sometime and see what's happening. We're keeping you in our prayers!

See ya,
Ryan :-)

Erik Hansen said...

It's fun to see photos of your house.

That was quite the stack of papers - did anyone jump into it like a pile of leaves?

I love Chipotle - there's one between work and my house that I go to occasionally when I want a very filling burrito.

Melanie said...

Erin, If you ever make a trip out west we'd love to have you over. I can't believe how big your little ones are getting. Such fun ages and so cute

Patty, I wish you could visit and have tea with us... hopefully someday soon.
Marscel has grown quite a bit lately. He may even be taller then me now.
We're actually saving the paper for our next move... whenever that may be :-)
What a blessing to have the whole family together for Thanksgiving. We are going to celebrate at Jordan and Melissa's :-)

Hillary, Caroline is a doll indeed. Such a content happy baby. I hope you get to see her soon... I almost feel bad I got to see her before you.
We would love to have you come! It's definitely closer then Massachusetts :-)
maybe the word verification meant "Payor: a person who pays; specifically : the person by whom a note or bill has been or should be paid." Anyone you haven't paid recently? ;-)

Alissandra, At least they didn't shave their heads like they've talked about ;-) They all came out very nice... no need to worry :-) I miss you guys. Give everyone a big hug for me, ok?

My little Mishmash, by the time you come see it it will probably be completely "Thomasified" :-)

Ryan, maybe we could visit via web cam. Hope your finals go well. We're praying for you!

Erik, All three boys "jumped" in it. If we hadn't flattened them all it probably would have filled an entire room!

Farming Family said...

Hey there Thomases!!!
Glad to see you're settling in... The cabinets in your living room are soooooo cool! :)

Love from us all,
Samantha & Lauren <3