The end of 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

Well... not quite the end.
I haven't sorted last weeks pictures yet, but here is an overview of the rest of December.

This was our first year to do icicle lights. It was odd not having to wear a coat to put them up... at night none the less!

The finished results.

Thing one and Thing two are now available for hire to hang any wall decorations.

The latest add for the latest Robei excellente

Marscel found out there was a lego store near by so we went on his birthday... rather disappointing. The place was super small and we lost Mom... no, we didn't lose her in the lego store. She was shopping in an other store and when we went back to where we left her she was gone.

There had been some problem with something she was ordering and had to go to the service desk where we found her.

We stopped by the Mac store to stall for time before...

The surprise for Marscel... Tangled in 3-D!

Ever wanted to take pictures in a photo booth at the mall? It was pretty funny squeezing five of us in. You can see a video of it here

Game time: Is your painting a fraud or $1,000,000?

We were able to drive out and meet Pa at his training in CA for a week. On the way we found what we would describe as "A house in the middle of no where"
New states, new time zones


The view from our hotel window. If you blow this up you can see the Hollywood sign in the distance.

"A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps."
Through a providential meeting at our hotel we found out that the Gano Excel headquarters (The coffee Mom sells) was nearby.

Coffee, mocha, hot chocolate, and tea on tap!
While we don't drink coffee on a regular bases, for those who do, this is the coffee to have because it is probably one of the best you will have (that is good for you too)! Even coffee connoisseurs that roast their own beans are amazed that it is an instant cup of coffee.

Cheers for healthy coffee.
If you're interested in knowing more leave a comment and Mom can give you more details

Welcome to Rodeo drive... where you probably can't afford to even blow your nose.

See those pants on the model (the fake one on the left)? Those are over $800!
It was fun walking through the stores like a museum

Even the cars on the streets were fun to admire, the most unique being the Bugatti Veyron

From Hollywood stores to the stars themselves... We were able to join Jordan and Melissa and the Dahers for a day and had a grand time!

Seeing Jordan and Melissa means unlimited pictures on their nice camera. I love it!

I love them more though.

This kid always makes me smile... "Is Aunt Melanie watching?"

Yup! "Can't take my eyes off you... I love you, baby"

Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial
"Dedicated in 1954, as a tribute to all branches of the armed forces of USA serviceman and women."

If you ever visit Coronado Island be sure to stop at the Burger Lounge... What a treat! Not only was it probably the best tasting burger I've had, but they only use grass finished beef (i.e. no grains, hormones, corn, etc. were fed to the cows)!

Art that never grows old

Isn't that such a beautiful sight? I could look at the sky all day and night!

Opening week excitement for the latest Narnia story: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Even if some thought the movie was done so bad it froze them to their chair, it was a great time with friends

Thank you so much, Dahers, for such a wonderful time!

Mom's name was written all over... literally!

The Santa Monica Mountains

We found something we could afford. Our new address will be...
The wood lot
Old Town, CA

Anyone ever seen Dr. Quinn? Well, this here is where it was filmed. If we had enough time the boys could have come up with their own production. As it happened I was able to catch a small clip of the "sheriff" bringing order to the town: Justice will be served

The only downside was all the buildings were locked/boarded up.

Uncle Johnny!!!!!

Right behind those mountains is the ocean.

One of the views. Their were so many and so breathtaking it was impossible to capture it with my camera.

What once was a creative art store turned into a creative resting place.

If this was on facebook, I would "like" it

Uncle Johnny took us to Santa Barbara one day. Directly behind us was a most amazing rose garden... still blooming in December.

art 1

art 2
art 3

art 4

The prettiest courthouse and view I've seen

Thanks for the tour Uncle Johnny!

On the way back we saw a motorcycle and man off the road in the bushes. A lady standing nearby had called 911, but was unsure of what else to do. The man was thinking of other things and drove off the road. Mom and Uncle Johnny talked with him keeping him alert and Matthew kept the traffic away until the medics arrived.

Remember that picture of New Mexico up above? This is how it looked on our return trip.

It started snowing really heavy as the night wore on (we couldn't see the road at times) and we were so thankful to make it to a hotel safely.

The snowflakes were huge!

Mom,"Micaiah, what are you doing?"
Micaiah, "I'm sleeping"

Having no Trader Joe's within a hundred miles isn't easy. We found one on the way home and not only filled all the empty spaces in our van, but we also set the record for the largest order at the store.

Kinda cozy

At least there was no lack for a good snack on the way home

Mom once again scores as best driver

We saw over 10 cars on the side of the road.

Back home we had some ninjas visit

Don't tread on them!

As I was taking pictures, I stepped off the chair I was on to get a different angle and twisted my foot. Thankfully the swelling has gone done and it seems to be healing well... I'm so thankful for Young Living essential Oils (You can ask Mom about those too)

The lunch time "chill" with my bros. ♥

You may think we know the guy in the middle... we don't. He reminded us of our friend, Matthew Miller, so the boys asked to take a picture with him.

While setting the video camera up:
Top picture, "Aren't we so cute, Matthew?"
Bottom picture, "Melanie, you're the only one in that picture."
I guess his hair and shoulder didn't count.

"For we have great joy and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother."

Up next (doesn't that sound so intriguing?): The very end of 2010 and A New Year!!!


Simply me said...

Thanks for sharing smiles and pictures! Been thinking of you all lately and missing you very much!
Love and hugs,

Erin Leigh said...

I love seeing all your awesome adventures!! I can't believe you were on the set of Dr. Quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lived and breathed that show when it was on!
Melanie: I LOVE the wheel!! Thanks for letting it go :)
love you guys! Erin

isnipeu76 said...

It's so nice to get a glimpse of what you all are doing! Thanks for posting Melanie! You all seem to find adventure wherever you go. I bet that guy on the motorcycle didn't realize how lucky he was to have your Mom there with him.

I am very jealous that Matthew got a picture next to a Bugatti Veyron!! Do you even have a clue how much those are worth Melanie? Because after making such a fuss about the $800 pants, you shrugged off the $2,000,000 car! I would have put, "AHHH, I SAW A BUGATTI VEYRON IN PERSON!! ISN'T THIS AWESOME?!?!" Forget about the $800 pair of snow pants, this is a $2,000,000 (thats two MILLION for you homeschooled people) CAR!!


Melanie said...

Erin, we thought of you when we were where Dr. Quinn was filmed since your parents were the ones who taped the shows for us to watch. When we got home we watched an episode :-)

Jonathan, Your comment made me laugh! The thing is, at the time we didn't know how much it was worth. It was just a cool car. We knew Bugatti's were expensive, but it wasn't until we looked it up online that we found out how expensive they are. The back of it was super cool looking, too.

RyanDE said...

DUDE! A Bugatti Veyron?!?! I'm hoping that I'll get to see one of those in my lifetime. Man that is one cool car. The fastest road legal car in the world. Nice!

Hannah said...

I LOVE taking road trips... the longer, messier, and more crowded, the better!! =) It's nice to see what ya'll are up to these days. =)

Melanie said...

Ryan, As cool as it was to see, there is only so long to look. Now taking a ride in one... THAT would be something (especially if it was a long desert road where you could go fast :-)!

Hannah, road trips sure can be fun, especially with family. If you guys ever are taking a road trip by Oklahoma we'd love to have you over!

Tim Brown said...

Oh, Lordy!
It's a Bugatti freakin' Veyron! It's a base price 2 mill! The fastest street legal car on Planet Earth! And there's only one pic of it!?!?!?!

Oh, hi. Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Tim (obvoiusly) and i found your blog because: I'm a creepy snoopy stalker!
Actually, no. I know alot of the people in CA where Jordan used to go to church, so i read his blog, and subsequently(sheesh, that's a long word) found yours! How 'bout that?
Anyway, welcome to the Midwest! And we have 10 in. of snow and it's 15 degrees, so we're having a real winter...

Rebekah said...

I love the video! It's awesomely hilarious! "Hey! Who locked my sheriff door while I was arresting this kid?!"