March in Missouri Part 3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michael and Rebekah are here!!!!

Admiring the new Niednagel baby

and rejoicing to find out that there will be a new Thomas baby the end of this year!!!!
Congratulations Michael and Rebekah!

The cousins greet each other in their own way. Jack gives hugs, William gives kisses.



How can you refuse a face like that? Makes you want to give him a big kiss doesn't it?

Back to simple things. Uncle Micaiah entertains the little ones with a flashlight show

Proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This is not at all posed!

Showing Rebekah "the ropes"

Catching up with the Things before they leave on their second internship time.

The joy of a big family... you can play group games just with your siblings

Games from when we were young...

... while the grandparents reminisce when we were young

A favorite repast... talking, all piled on a bed..

The four of us had been wanting to watch this movie, so after everyone went to bed we plugged our ear buds in to watch it

Being extra gentle warranted putting his pinky out

2 Extra Special Fast People

A special four wheeler ride.

Fresh air can be exhausting

Hangin' with the ladies

All together now. "Awww...."

Jordan and Micaiah came across a dead mole and rejoiced greatly. Though unsure whether it was due to their efforts back in January, they would like to think it was.

The simple pleasures of life

Luau time!!!

Philip's first luau complete with his name in Hawaiian form.

Enjoying the fabulous feast. Thank you Jeremy and Danielle!

The mob descends upon Miss Barbara with a group hug

Enjoying time together

Remember I said Jeremy does awesome trivia games? He did a Hawaii theme one... oh yeah!

Complete with prizes... I think I need to study Hawaii better for next time.

Though way too short a time it was great having these three around again!

Almost too good to be true

Trying to talk to each other in other languages, "El pajaro es rojo"

Talking to each other in English, "This baby is cute"

All tuckered out

If you saw Michael's blog (which you should, because it's worth seeing) here is the other angle of this picture

"Bye bye boys,have fun storming the castle." "Do you think they'll make it?" "It would take a miracle." "Bye! Bye!"

Michael's just not convincing enough for William and Jack

Bonding time

Since it started raining after the others went the day before, we waited for nice weather for our turn.

uh... art?


Finding the perfect skipping stones. They were so dear to try and help me learn how to skip, but hard as I try I couldn't do it the same as them. It comes down to... I throw like a girl :-) I was able to at least get 6 or so skips a few times.

It's hard leaving such a peaceful spot when you're having such a nice time playing and talking with your bro's.

My five totally awesome brothers!

♪ "We are family" ♫

Marscel decides to join the boys with their long hair... with a dream mullet ;-)

A final farewell, "Lion around" in their matchin' pj's

Philip's first Sunday at church. Rob's first Sunday holding Philip.

Dropping Matthew and Micaiah off at the Zeses for a second "term" of learning. 
We miss you boys!
Be sure to check out Jordan and Michael's blogs for more pictures!


Cochran Family said...

Jack's face in that one with the oranges- too cute!!! :)

pasco community said...

Marscel! I have an available cell for you, in my jail house for mullets. Were I will make you my slave and you will sing to me like a bird. And if I am displeased with your voice... You will be sentenced to a life of Missouri, I mean misery!

Okay Micaiah, a full beard. Your younger than me. Man thats just freaky!

I miss you guys,

Common Sense said...

Wow. What a beautiful family! Thank you for everything Thomases!