Henry James Thomas

Friday, December 2, 2011

Henry James Thomas is here! 
He arrived at 6:06pm yesterday December 1st and was 9lbs. 4oz. 

Though unable to be there in person with modern technology I was able to take a picture of the Thomas family of four :-) Congratulations Michael and Rebekah... and Jack too!

We were so glad Mom was able to be there!

Jack was glad she could be there too!


Cochran Family said...

YEAH!!!!! He's adorable!!!

Miss you and looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Mortonclan said...

Yayyyy!!! Praise the Lord!!! He is so. so. cute!!! Congratulations to you all!! His name of just beautiful.

Much love and God bless each of you!!


Adeline M.

Marjo.....B. said...

Hello! We enjoyed getting to meet Matthew and Micaiah this past spring, and I'd enjoy having you visit my blog!


if you search around a bit, you can see pictures with Matthew and Micaiah...look under ''dance''

A friend also took some nice photos of them in June at our CHEF civil war ball, which i can email you if you give me an email address!

I've enjoyed reading your blog, by the way! And congrats on the birth of the new grandson and nephew! That's exciting!

Mrs.Rabe said...


What a beautiful family you all have!


Melinda said...

Hi there, Thomas Family!

After some scavenging, I found your blog. The reason I was looking was because I thought I saw you all at the Victorian Walk in Guthrie on Saturday. We were in an Antique store on the street corner when I told my mom, "That was weird. I think I just saw the people who won the Jamestown 400 in Jamestown. But I thought they lived in the east?!"

We were a part of the Jamestown 400 hunt (but didn't make it down to the final 100. We were 5 minutes past the time.) and we were at the Jamestown 400 celebration!

When I found your blog and saw you had moved to Guthrie, I was amazed! We live an hour and half (or more) south of Guthrie just outside a little farm town. Anyway...I just thought I'd comment and say, WELCOME to Oklahoma!!

God bless,
Melinda Pound

Melanie said...

That's too funny, Melinda! Yes we were there. Are there a bunch of you? If so, I think I may have seen you all :-)

It's amazing how many people we have met through the Jamestown 400. There are a few other families that were in the hunt that live in Oklahoma, too! Do you visit Guthrie often? It would be so fun to meet you and your family.

Thanks for the welcome!

Melinda said...

Yes, it was quite funny! :-) There were 5 of us in Guthrie that evening.

Unfortunately, we aren't in Guthrie very often, we just came up for the Victorian walk. We live about 2 hours south of Guthrie. But it definitely would be fun to meet you all!