Thursday, December 6, 2012

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. It only seems like I updated a week ago not two months! This is partly due to the fact that I haven't been home for two and a half months (except for one night) and partly because I ran out of free space on blogger for the second time leaving me two options... 1. End the blog or 2. Figure out a way to continue posting. I opted for the second and am now here with another post that I hope you enjoy.

The LA view from our hotel window...

... by night...

... and by day.

Through the mojave...

Seems like someone was trying to pull a practical joke on one of their friends... not even close to being flooded!

Since we were driving home via Colorado for Pa and Marscel to go to a conference the scenery was different and ruggedly beautiful

Pausing for a walk at a park off the highway.

 The faults, and uplifting of the earth was fascinating to see.


This place was so dry you could pick up "tiles" of it

And there in the middle of the continent I found a shell... two in fact

They seem to be getting younger as the days go by.

Thought this was neat... amidst all the dryness this little plant flourishes.


These kisses only happen once in a blue moon.... and this was it.

Picking Marscel up at the airport we headed to our hotel for the night... which was the most contemporary place we've ever stayed. This elevator had glass like ceilings and mats that "splatted" when you stepped on them

The door to the bathroom was a sliding mirror door with perfect side lighting

And the lounge area had this most interesting couch/seat/bed... I've never had so much fun taking pictures at a hotel before.

After church we went back for an afternoon of fellowship with the Roaches and others

A visit usually includes some fun rounds of four square

We found out that Peter and Meredith had just moved and since there was no pressing reason for Mum and I to be home right away, we stayed a few extra days to help un-pack and join them on a spectacular sight-seeing ride...

Up Mt. Evans. The highest auto road in North America

The ride up was an adventure in itself... no guard rails, hairpin turns, steep drop offs, narrow lanes... and more

We had to pull over a few times for pictures. The view just kept getting better!

Since Pa wasn't there to take a picture for his *history blog*, Mum filled in


It was the last day the road was open for the season and we really could see for miles!

My view...

 Peter's view
At the top point

Peter and Meredith
One of the cutest couples ever!

Did you think you were done with panorama's because it wasn't the Petrified Forest?

A 360 degree view

Some of the switchbacks to the parking lot at the top where you can climb the small remainder of the way.

One of my favorite pictures of the day.

The peak is just out of sight on those ridges to the left.

It was like driving through a scene from a movie

There were even some unique Bristlecone Pines. They reminded us of Ents

These next 6 pictures were taken by Peter. It was fun going with another photographer... especially who knew what he was doing! He's an inspiration for great pictures! You can see more of his work here
Yeah... it was pretty windy.

Don't worry she didn't get blown away.

14,130 feet
I do believe I reached the peak of my life time

Us girls at the top 
(Mum had stayed with their daughter Naphtali in the car since it was so cold)

There were a bunch of Mountain Goats that didn't mind being photographed at all

It was a super fun time! Thanks for taking us!

Helping unpack

Working hard

Finishing touches in the kitchen

We didn't get a lot of pictures, since we were actually working.

Back in Oklahoma we attend the wedding of Brandon and Victoria Arnette

A time of Prayer over the couple by their fathers

The new Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Arnette

The wedding party and preachers.

Lillian celebrating

The beginning of their "Happy Ever After"
Congratulations you two!

One of our friends heard Mum and I liked nose rings and made us each a nose cuff.

Mum dropped Marscel and I off at Jordan and Melissa's for 2 1/2 weeks while she went with Pa on his next training period in CA

It's so hard not to look at the sun when it glows orange.

After church we gathered with the Hansens for food and fellowship at a park

I can see him as a 19 year old in this picture.

Some people take dogs for walks, but it's way more fun taking little people!

If Philip was one of the Seven dwarfs he would either be Happy or Dopey

Philip helping William feel big and strong

We didn't get any pictures playing frisbee, but we did get a group shot. It was great getting together with you guys!

We met Matthew, Micaiah and the Z's in Branson for a couple days at Silver Dollar City!

Unfortunately the boys had colds. Thankfully help was near.

Nothing like a little cleansology to clear the sinus.

What healthy homeschoolers do for fun... hydrogen peroxide in your ear and lung strengthening breathing

Day 1... let the adventurous begin!

I think we were the loudest group ever to ride this carasoul... I think us adults enjoyed it even more then William :-)

The Lost River Ride

Practicing his faces for the big roller coasters

The wet group after a few rounds

We were wet, but not quite enough. This was the biggest drop I've been on since the bamboo shoots at Story Land.

Going in and out the little shops... and staying to search through a "treasure chest" for coins with ships, our initials, or other cool designs

Narrowing down the search

Philip being Philip... cute and happy

I like this picture... so here it is.

Don't leave without me!

Who is that famous looking couple?

What do you know? Mr. and Mrs. Brad Steele were visiting that day.

Catching up with Mamma Monica

Morning discussions
Topic? Politics. 
Never a dull moment

I think someone got the wrong guys!

All aboard!! 
Then.... nothing. There was a problem with the train that would take a while to fix.

Instead we go practice our shooting skills

Once we found out it scores you we had to go again to see how high we could go

Since it was supposed to rain anyway and then warm up to the 80's some of us decided to go back on the Lost River Ride the second day... 5 times.

We just couldn't seem to get splashed enough.

Papa Z and the bug eyed cool dude

This is the historic place where Jordan and Melissa first held hands, December 2007

We went to watch the older couples dancing and ended up joining them. They were so excited to have us join in and were more then happy to teach us steps, like Bob here who is almost 80. So many of the couples had been dancing for 50 years and were so good together.

The boys went on a big five loop, major drop roller coaster for the first time. When they found out the ride gets filmed they pretended to be tired and bored. You can see it here

I love being an aunt (that's aunt as in "ahnt" not "ant")

Well, well looky here.

They fixed the train in time for us to make the last ride. William loves trains, but doesn't like the whistle.

No, this isn't posed... their just picture perfect.


Good friends, good times

The striped shirt society

Such an angelic look... matched, most times, by his personality

They love playing together.

Philip likes Sarah

All embarrassed by the attention

I love this picture! When did he grow up?

I love having Thing 1 and Thing 2 around!

William coming up with his own unique goofy faces... though not for long with Hannah

Farewell for now!


Simply me said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Love them all.
Oh and that picture of Matthew running at the camera was pretty hilarious. Miss you guys.

Jeremy said...

HEY! It seems like ya'll are in CA alot! You Guys should come see us some time?? Your pictures are awesome :) haha I like the roller coaster picture....

Melanie said...

How far are you from LA? It would be great seeing you guys again. We aren't sure when we're coming out next, but we'll have to see if we could come visit. It was great seeing Daniel, Kendra, and their kids last time.

Jeremy said...

We are about 3 and a half hours away from D&K, that would be soo awesome. They enjoyed seeing you guys too.