May 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

May was another full month with lots of traveling.... this time to the CHEF conference and waiting the arrival of Michael and Rebekah's 3rd. Enjoy!

We love having the Niendagels be a half way point to Saint Louis

 Firefighter Philip ready for action

Superman moving a tub

You never know when a spontaneous "concert" will break out.

Jack helping Marscel with his work

"May I help you?"

I love seeing the little ones copying and following their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers

The oven door jarred locked and we were kept in suspense for quite awhile as Matthew tried to open it without breaking the door. In the end... Victory!

I love the month of May for many reasons and the CHEF conference has lately been added to my list of things to look forward to

The annual ball has arrived

This years theme was International Dances

I believe this was a Jewish or Hungarian dance

And here is the outfit I was working on fully completed. 
(Note: I didn't make the ladies lovely gowns, this was just a good picture of Tim's outfit finished and them :-)

We were able to enjoy more encouraging sessions like this one the Botkins sisters gave encouraging girls in their role in the home.

We also had a booth for Stately Steps selling the instructional dance video we filmed back in March. We are so excited to be able to have this available now. Please check it out if you love English Country Dancing!

Surprise!! I get called down to join the family and see Jordan, Melissa and the "Littles" decided to surprise us and come for the rest of the conference!

Matthew and Jon

Enjoying a chat with Sarah

Hannah entertaining the boys

This little cool dude entertained us for quiet a while by putting on and taking off the sunglasses posing all the while

Such class... even while riding an elevator

After church on Sunday we continued the time of fellowship meeting new friends and catching up with those we know

Iron sharpening iron

Hello pretty ladies!

I know you can't really see Marian close enough in the last picture and wanted to. You're welcome

Friend reunion time! It was great seeing you Jeremy!

Some of my favorite girls to cook with! 

Listening to old turn of the century records

There these three were being so loving to each other with back massages and hugs. I thought I'd capture it when they all started being goofy. Guess it captures two aspects in one

Who said pretty lamp shades only have one use?

Trying on fun hats. You definitely wouldn't get a sunburn with these!

Waiting in line to get in to the first concert I've been to in awhile... Lecrae and a number of other reformed Christian rappers

It was hard getting pictures since everyone was standing and the lighting wasn't the best. One of our favorite artists that we hadn't heard before was Json who used to live in St. Louis. I could totally relate to his song Goodbye that is very much like when we moved from MA:

For those of you unfamiliar with Lecrae here is one of his slower songs that is among our favorites: 

As much as we love Lecrae, Shai Linne, Json, and some others we realize it's so much better listening to the CD's... especially since the workers of the building chose how high the music was. Loud. Very loud. It came down to a more normal level with ear plugs.

After the concert we go out to find our van won't start. One of the men that worked at the building which gets rented for all different concerts came out to jump us. He told us he never saw such a group of people for a rap concert and was very surprised at how no one was swearing, and how everyone was respectful and sober.  "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven"

Jack and Henry were so excited for the arrival of their Mimi
We stayed in St. Lou for Mom and Wendy to be with Rebekah for the arrival of Cedric and were able to stay longer then anticipated since he was 14 days late (saving us from driving home in the middle of a tornado! God is good!)

This little guy is adorable. 
Sometimes you just have to state the obvious.

Being with these guys at times makes you feel like you're in a movie, with their gentlemanly manners, quick quips and on the go "soundtrack"

Picnic in the park

You're never to old to go rolling down a hill. I remember people thinking it odd that Mom would roll down the hill with us when we were little, but I don't know what they were thinking, she'll never get to old to do it.

I'm not sure who is teaching who here.

While waiting for our car we had an impromptu dance that was so enjoyable

After about 15 minutes we realized no one had actually gone to get the car so we were all just dancing on the sidewalk by ourselves :-)

The symmetrically placed 5 of us

While checking out at Trader Joe's answering the different questions to what I got it came up that my sister in law was in labor and the lady gave a beautiful bouquet for me to give her. They're so nice there.

Anticipation mounts....

For the arrival of Cedric Robert Thomas!

"Welcome to the family
We’re glad that you have come 
To share your life with us 
As we grow in love and
May we always be to you
What God would have us be
A family always there
To be strong and to lean on,

May we learn to love each other
More with each new day
May words of love be on our lips
In everything we say
May the Spirit melt our hearts
And teach us how to pray
That we might be a true family"

Why hello there tall man!

Cedric's first Birthday cake from Mimi

I think we have a copy-cat expression of one of the uncles with each of the grandbabies

Snuggle time

Yup, he's a keeper

Cedric meet the world

Yay, the walls aren't bare at the boys apartment anymore! Not only are they not bare they have this amazing handmade sign a friend made with their business name on it.

Back in Oklahoma we are able to fellowship with the Cook family from our church

Two of their dear little girls who are a delight to talk to... they seem so much older then they are.

I was asked to be a caller for English Country dancing for a birthday party. It happened to be under a fully loaded mulberry tree. We ate what we could reach and didn't realize til later how much it stained our feet walking on the ones that had fallen.

Celebrating my birthday with Pa and Mom.

Thankfully I have a remote, timer, and tripod on my camera so we could still document our family birthday tradition

An unusual sight: the majority of the cake still there AFTER everyone present was served. We miss not being all together!

We had a tornado watch one afternoon and after the fiercest part of the storm passed the sky and lighting was amazing

Looks like they got the green light to kiss


And to end the month I leave you with my favorite part after storms... It's hard to see, but there was a beautiful rainbow that came out!


Kayla Werzinski said...

Thanks for posting Melanie! I recently moved to Missouri, but I have been enjoying your blog for several years. I found you blog from the Parish's when Melissa and Jordan got married. I feel like I know you all and I love to see what you are doing. The picture of you parents under the green light is my favorite. :)Kayla W.

Joanna Webber said...

I love looking at your pictures and reading about your life. Is that creepy? Anyway, lovely as always!

Anonymous said...

Thank for the post! It was wonderful seeing y'all again as well!

Lord willing I'll see y'all in a couple weeks!