August 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hello all! 
There were two big highlights this month and any that include a big event always means narrowing pictures is hard. If you like extra pictures you can always head over to see Jordan's blog as some of our time overlaps (link to the side --->)

First, a pic of Jonas meeting Pa!

The first big highlight was the wedding of Nathan Daher to Hannah Braniger. 
The boys arrived with fuel for those who wanted an energy boost.

Hair and makeup commences...

Seeing double

Looking sharp there, gents!

All the pretty ladies taking pictures before the ceremony.

Such excited anticipation!

I was tempted to write the quote from Princess Bride, "Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam." but I'll spare you the cliche.

I was so thankful for how this shot turned out... I held Jonas for the ending part of the ceremony and he started getting fussy just before they came down the isle. I stood in the back calming him and managed to capture this with one hand in between his squirms.

The next two I know to get married...

I think these pictures show their personalities well... fun and crazy as well as tender and kind.

It was hard narrowing down which pictures I should post and have linked to more pictures of the day for those who like all different angles at The Art Of Everyday

While the Bride and Groom were getting their formal pictures taken the rest of the bridal party came up with picture set ups and poses. It was such fun taking pictures of such an animated, happy group!

 Me and my newly found kindred spirit.

Snuck a picture of the cute couple from a different angle than the official photographer. 
The evening ended with dancing. One dance was just for the married couples and they slowly had couples sit down that were married 1 year, 5 years, 10, 20, 25... until the longest married couple on the floor was left dancing and then they had them offer advise to the newlyweds. Yup... that was Pa and Mom at 37 years.

The next morning Emma and I were joined by all the Littles.

Smiling faces, but it's always hard to say goodbye to family and dear friends... I kept trying to delay our leaving and Jonas falling asleep in my arms was a grand excuse to spend a little more time together.

 Back in Oklahoma to everyday life... okay, as you can see it's not quite "everyday" cleaning I was doing here. Our oven hadn't been cleaned in awhile, BUT it wasn't as bad as it usually would be because of Norwex. The oven cleaner, scrub thing, and cloth is INCREDIBLE! It was the most I'd enjoyed cleaning an oven because it was fun seeing the transformation. If anyone is interested leave a comment and I can connect you with my sister on getting these super helpful cleaners.

This was a first for me... I was a week by myself for the first time, and went to church by myself where I didn't know anyone for the first time then went to a park to read... and be distracted by the beauty around me (I can't include those geese in that statement... I abhor geese after having a bunch of them put a damper on our barefoot fun at one of the houses we lived at :-P )

It was also the first time having guests over by myself. It was such a fun time having you ladies over and went by WAY to fast! 

This is what happens when I get hungry and there's no bread product around to eat. I think 12 dozen biscuits should last a bit.

Taking a ride to see the sunset. Grass fed meat, fresh produce from the garden, adorable kids to play with, conversations that go from one controversial or health nut topic to the next, and a movie all add up to an incredibly fun day. Thank you, Ahlgrens!

So why was I in Oklahoma by myself? Pa has been studying hard and the culmination was one last week of learning, tests, and board exams in Vegas. His hard work paid off... look at that tag! "Dr. Mark Thomas"! He is now officially, Mark Thomas, ND
With his fellow graduates and instructors.
Congratulations, Pa!


Unknown said...

Yeah! These were fabulous! What a life! Overflowing thankful hearts! Love the perspective from both you and Jordan. 💖

Melanie said...

Thanks, Mom :-) ♥