Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's been quite a while since I last posted, I know... but thankfully Michael is a good blogger and has updated more often. Since he is not always with us, here are some of our everyday (ie.. not an event of some kind that would make it to Michael's blog) life.

To Grandmother's house we go...

One thing we all got from Grandma is a love of taking and sharing pictures.
Capturing the celebration of 87 year...

When no other camera is available the cell phone works

Self portrait

"Like... what does this even mean?"

Grandma hid her face as she didn't want her picture taken so Micaiah and I hid ours

"Hey Mom, join in the fun!"

One is never too old to snuggle

We spent a couple hours looking through and hearing the stories of family times gone by.
This is Grandma on her wedding day in the 40's
My Grandfather and Uncle

One of their family vacations.
Mom is the little girl in the front row with the "Mexico" hat on... isn't she cute?

Taking some "more modern" memories

Mon ami, mon frere

Taking time for tea with some wonderful friends

Mom becoming a walking advertisement at a little shop they went to

Mirrors: one of the best inventions for taking a group shot
(ok, I know that's not what they were invented for, but they still work for it, right?)

One morning Marscel made us blueberry pancakes and set the table all nice!

The results of a bottomed out box of brussel sprouts

Who says you can only have Thanksgiving in November?

"Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness,
And for His wonderful works to the children of men!
For He satisfies the longing soul,
And fills the hungry soul with goodness."

Three pictures you may find very relate able
1. Five people getting ready for church in the same room

2. The distressed/perplexed face when you don't understand your math

3. The joy a baby can be

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