Pa and Mom's trip aka ahoneymoon

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pa and Mom were blessed with a trip down to Florida to be together on another "honeymoon" and get some sun.

Their rental car of choice

Whole Foods, our all around stop...
breakfast? check! Lunch? check! Snacks, drinks, supper and dessert? Check!

Florida art... check out those roots!

A side perk of the trip was a visit with relatives
A before and after of Pa and his two brothers:
As kids...

... and now

You don't see coconuts just lying around too often up here

The Lovebirds
" Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.
If a man would give for love
All the wealth of his house,
It would be utterly despised."

"Meeting" Mrs. Edison

gotta love those tourist, penny squishing machines

"Would you accompany me to the edge of the sea
Let me know if you're really a dream
I love you so, so would you go with me"

Determined to have the summer Florida experience... but it's still cold!

My awesome Pa

beach art 1

beach art 2

In case anyone didn't notice

I love this one!

Another interesting sign

With the car safely out of the parking lot they were able to enjoy lunch by the water

My hip Mom

Corkscrew swamp


They were really hoping to see at least one alligator while they were there

And as they peered into the swamp they spied one!

" Hey look there's another one!"

The gator

And as a final surprise there was one more while they were leaving!

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Shelby said...

haha! the end of sidewalk sign is the best. Hope they had a wonderful time. =)