Thursday, June 9, 2011

From sports theme to plain, my room no longer shall remain.
Pa and Marscel edged the entire room of my domain.

 A message I found when I went to paint ♥ and a preview of the color

Isn't painting fun?

Mom: Forever young, forever fun

Pa's dream girl

The love birds

Never under estimate an Oklahoma wind... Mom and I were soaking in the sun when my book of letters flapped open and the majority of my pages started blowing all over the lawn. As if that wasn't bad enough, as Mom and I scurried around the yard trying to catch them all, the wind took some pages over the wall. Pa hopped over and thankfully was able to find all the missing ones in this field across the street while Marscel helped rescue the rest in the yard. I felt very much like Anne of Avonlea when her papers were blown all over!
The Bartons have arrived for a visit and we are off to visit some historical sites

Of course the old drug store was included...
Making sure their records are all ship shape

The books you find there can be quite amusing.

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Pa tries to hold the ladies back from... another store!

Enjoying the shade of wood makers shop.

Because I know you like seeing these as much as I do :-)

At the old train depot where people would arrive to go up the hill to claim their property during the land run.

Plumb tuckered out waiting for the train.

Finally it came rolling around, but alas, no people to claim land.... only a freight train

A refreshing stop at Pops on historic Rt. 66! They have over 300 flavors of soda! All different brands and flavors, from fruit juice sweetened Izzes and stevia sweetened Virgils, to all the regular sugar and chemical-ized stuff :-)


Cochran Family said...

Whenever I see a post from you waiting in my RSS feed, I'm always like "Yeah!!" :) So, once again, I was very delighted tonight!!

"You've got to watch the Oklahoma wind...". Oh yes, you do!! Ha Ha. So glad you caught all your papers. Its caught me off guard a few times too. :)

Enjoyed all the pictures!! CAN'T WAIT to Lord-willing see you all again (FINALLY:) on Sunday!!


Glad2bHis said...

Love the post. Especially the one of you painting. You were amazingly energized after the late nights before...;)

Simply me said...

Love the pictures! I miss all your cheerfuly faces! I especially loved the ones of Monica! SO beautiful!!
Looks like a bunch of fun memories! Thanks for sharing!