Easter and the 89ers Parade

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easter Sunday everyone looked so lovely we had to take a Barton family photo
And some other fun pictures
 "Thus I will bless You while I live;
 I will lift up my hands in Your name."

A new favorite photo shoot spot... the wall from our little sterilized community to the rest of humanity

It started to drizzle. Not letting it rain on our parade, we continued our friends photo shoot inside... for the camera's sake, not ours :-)

What could be so interesting to capture everyone's attention?

Our awesome neighbor!

Organic... yes folks, not miles away from us we discovered a 100% organic, live cultures frozen yogurt... just one more reason to come visit us

The last Saturday of April, Guthrie had a parade celebrating the 89er's... those that came to claim their land in 1889. We heard they would be doing some re-enacting type things and donned our Victorian outfits only to discover that was the week before. This week was just the parade! Any excuse to get dressed up works. I mean, don't they look lovely?

We met some other friends right before the parade started.

"I'd like a ride in that one!"

Wishing we saw "The Bean" among the other cars
Top-Hat the side stepping horse. They had the most horses I've ever seen in a parade

Two wonderful mothers

Me and my Pa
Right after this a lady doing a bridal shoot asked to "borrow" Pa for some pictures as she didn't have a groom and he looked the part!

Bringing old style back
Setting the records straight.

A lady in white that is quite the lovely sight!

A close up. 

Us kids decided we could look at these pictures of Mom all the time and not tire of them!

uh... art?

We visited the original State Capital Publishing Museum for the first time. As we walked in, the gentleman to the right asked if we could do a photo shoot for advertising the place since we looked the part. They were wondering how to get the right outfits. We told him ours were about 10 years off, but they said it was better then the modern formal picture they had.

Never to old to sit in Mom's lap... she said so.

Never to old to sit in her loves lap either.

Yup... that's Mom.

Our version of what it might have looked like at the time
Everything that came to mind for this was stating the obvious... fun times, group shot, cool background... it was all of the above

Service with a smile

Anything look odd about this picture? That ladder is about 10 feet away from her.

It wasn't what I had in mind, but I love how the back of Mom's hair turned out.

"I'd like to claim my property, please."  "Sign on the line, ma'am"
Another artistic shot just because I can

Western wear, get it here

The original publishing equipment


I think parasols were the sunglasses of the 1900's

After walking about town we headed to our first rodeo. As they set up we talked with some of the people around. Marscel asked this guy if he could pet his horse. He said, "Sure... Want to ride him?"

Does the horse look familiar? He was the side stepper in the parade.
We forgot to bring a change of clothes (being dusty there), but he didn't have any objection to me riding in a dress and Victorian boots. If only it was a side saddle!
The actual show... bucking bronchos, calf roping, barrel racing, mutton busting, and the grand finale, bull riding. 


Simply me said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! You all look fantastic (as usual:) It looks like you had a TON of fun! That publishing place looked REALLY neat! And you got to go to a rodeo? I mean seriously...thats pretty fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Love to all the Thomases! :)

pasco community said...

The yogurt shop looks way less colorful then I expected. Man, I am disappointed! I've seen public restrooms that look more exciting. I guess you can't just judge off of looks. Just like the public restrooms:{

Glad2bHis said...

Fun times!

I love the whole you being their advertisement models.

Sarah Thomsen said...

Oh I loved this post!
Miss you all, and hope we can see eachother soon.

Love Sarah

Ruth Barton said...

Oh what fun times! Miss you all, but there are only 6 days till we see you again!!!!
Love Ruthie

Samuel Barton said...

Man, that was so much fun, I really enjoyed our time with you guys and that certainly was a highlight.

I can't believe its been four weeks since we've seen you all, but we will see you soon!


Sarah said...

I really liked this post Melanie! Your dress is SO gorgeous!!!! And your mom's too!!!! Wow!

Loved it!
Sarah Elisabeth

Corrie said...

Hi guys! Wandered over here from the Ahlgren's blog and just thought I'd say hey from one Okie to another- heard alot about ya'll! :) Fun pictures!

-anna morris

Sara said...

I can't believe it! Okay so you really don't know me but we saw you guys in Guthrie that day then at Pops a few days later, your mom told us about the hair web site! I just found your blog from the Ahlgren's, anyhow we have been wondering how it's going for you guys with just moving here and all. We had wanted to invite you all out to our meetings as we are christans and assumed you are to. You can email me at sarahunt88@gmail.com and also see my blog at allthingsvintage88.blogspot.com