Overview of May

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As it would be pointless to state the obvious of being rather behind in updating I will jump right in with an overview of May

We all know it to be true
With July quickly approaching Ruth and I begin the task of making breeches for our brothers.

Mom was able to accompany Pa on his training trip to California.When we lived in Massachusetts, California would be a lovely place to go to warm up in May... from Oklahoma it's a place to cool down
"Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful"

Is there a masculine version of a rose among thorns?

I spy... Uncle Johnny!

Definitely a bonus for having the training in California

Meanwhile, Marscel and I went to Jordan and Melissa's. Marscel was able to put what he's learning about plumbing to good use. Every sink and tub drain is now clean.

Getting into it... literally

Want a refreshing summer treat? We call them Tangerincicles:
1cup milk (goat's milk, rice milk, cow's milk, coconut milk... they all work great)
1/2 cup sweetner (fruit sweetner or honey preferred)
1/4 dry milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4cups ice cubes
4 drops Young Living Essential Oils Tangerine oil
Place above in Vitamix (or blender) in order listed and secure lid. Turn on and quickly increase speed to high. Use tamper to press ingredients into the blades. In about 30-60 seconds, the sound of the motor will change and four mounds should form. Stop machine and serve immediately.
As you can see it's so good William didn't want to waste one drop!

Reading one of William's favorite books... again, and again, again.

He doesn't like being alone!

My kind of multi-tasking: Working on a project while keeping Philip entertained

Matthew and Micaiah were able to join us for the weekend

Figuring out how to puzzle the pieces together with only a picture of what it should look like when it was done.

So much fun to be had in such a small space

They decided to surprised William. We all went outside camera's ready to see his reaction. He walks out looks over at it and just stares.
Matthew: Do you want to go see it?
William: Please.

Interviewing him on what he thought of it. As soon as he climbed on it he loved it and didn't want to go back in

I don't remember how, but William had fell or hit his head on something and the three of us rushed over to try and comfort him. He was so funny, stopping crying long enough to sip the kombucha or eat the granola.

Philip helped me sew...

While William helped Marscel with his math
"Sorry, Uncle Marscel, I can't remember if you multiply or divide first"

Upon our return the Bartons were surprised by friends from the East...

The Fourniers!

Catching up on all the news form the east

Spurs up!

Who says aprons aren't manly or are only for girls?

A visit to our favorite hair dresser. If you need to get your hair cut come on over!

Three new looks. Well done, Billie!

Right after there were some major tornado warnings. We all headed to a local high school since our shelter is only enough for 4-5 people. It was pretty packed. Thankfully the tornadoes changed direction and missed our town!

After the storm. Sunny on one side, stormy on the other

On the last day of the Bartons and Fourniers visit we headed over to the Arnettes for more fun memories! They have this cool pond with rowboats, kayaks, and a 47 ft drop to jump off of.

Later we shot some clay pigeons
(No real animals were harmed in the making of this picture... some ants may have been squished though)

A final group picture before the Fourniers and Bartons headed home. We were glad you could come!

What happens when Marscel finishes shopping at our local thrift store before the rest of us

There we were after a long day of cleaning when the door bell rang and this little man was knocking at the door!

The Niednagels arrived to surprise me for my birthday. Thank you two for making it such a special weekend!

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."

This game always seems to emerge from the depths of the game cabinet when Jordan is around. Never to old to play, right?

I was more then happy to hold the little one

What would a visit be with out going to... Guthrie!

Exploring new places... with numerous antique shops that's not too hard to do

The Guthrie drug museum will never be the same...

"Ah, there is a bench. Come, let us go sit up on it and rest our weary feet while indulging our palette with some salty chips."

It was decided the frozen yogurt tasted better when you sit at the little kids table. It was all so Berri Licious!

One of those pictures that I like and since it's my blog... here it is.

My little snuggle bug... when he's in a snuggle-y mood


Aren't they just darling!

Mom just walked in and said,"Oh... that's nice" I guess that's a good caption

Must be a good book... they were standing there for a while

All together now... Awww ♥

Of course we had to end the day with one of my favorite family traditions.
If you haven't tried it yet you should.
If you haven't seen Jordan's side of the visit, head on over and enjoy a good laugh: http://niednagel.com/blog.htm


Glad2bHis said...

Love your highly-interesting blog. ;)

Glad to see another update! :)

Samuel Barton said...

Whew that was a wonderful time with you guys. We really enjoyed our stay.

I'm so glad that we were able to come and spent that time with you all.

Simply me said...

Awww! I loved the pictures. I think if I were to name my favorites I'd be naming all of them! Love you guys so much and miss you already!

theloftfarmers said...

Thanks for the update Melanie!!! I love your captions. LOL. Give my love to your family!!
Kressant Morton

Ruth Barton said...

oh what fun!!!!!! I miss it all, the best was jumping off the cliffs and shooting at the Arnette's. And Pops. And walking around Gutherie and sighting very interesting aprons. :)
Finishing the trip by visiting the tornado shelter made it very well rounded.
Hope you are staying cool out there. Used the ac yet? :)
Love you guys. poke.