August in Massachusettes Part 1

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some of you may remember the Hampsons visiting us back in April. Whether it’s months or years it never seems like much time has passed.

Jack was fearless when it came to him and this dog, walking up to her, pushing her into the cage and getting in with her like it was a game. He closed the door and then asked us to lock it. The poor dog didn't know why it was being "punished"
Freedom... of sorts

Catching up with Josh on his over sea education and travels in Scotland.

One of their new projects.

Trying to find the queen bee... it's hard spotting a tiara that small

Friends, Fellowship, and feasting, perfect ingredients for a lovely day.

 Master of the grill

Marscel’s art

Even though all the Hampson kids couldn’t make it in person we were still able to visit via skype

Let the transformation begin! It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. Peter came over to help out and visit at the same time.

With our "adopted brother" in front of a sample of the finished project.  No, Peter and I aren't that short... Marscel is just super tall. Any guesses as to his current height?

Four of the most encouraging ladies you’ll ever meet.

Having such a short amount of time to be able to see so many dear friends we were thankful that time opened up in the evening to visit with the Morrisseys

Erin and I with our "little" brothers.

Friday Mom dropped Marscel and I off at the Flynns while she went to go pick up Pa from his trip from CA. Here we are helping finish a shed.

Measure twice cut once.

And I helped look after these two cuties in the little kiddy pool... it's a tough job, but someone has to do it ;-)

In case you can't tell from the pictures Mia is an absolute doll! If you couldn't tell, please pause to clean your computer screen.

Out back for a little knockout. Some of these girls maybe shorter, but they are really good!

Even the best have to sit on the sidelines at times. So we entertain ourselves with watching and, yup, you guessed it, taking pictures.

Taking a break to cool off in the pool... you only get hot if you're the last two people standing. Often it was these two.

Now to warm back up

 Some took getting knocked out harder... or they're just good pretenders. I'm thinking the latter

It can be highly entertaining at times too!

You know those fish that carry their baby fish on their back? That's how Hanekke and I were as we circled round and round trying to create a whirlpool.

Our totally awesome parents.

The following day brought us to one of my favorite places... Newport.

"On Christ, the solid, rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand. All other ground is sinking sand."

Time to chill with the little guy

We were all sitting collecting favorite little sea shells and told Jack he could put his favorites in his pocket. A little while later this is what he had as his favorite.

Jack, a little unsure, but greatly amused by his parents new look

I don't know where he got it from, but Henry has the cutest little dimple.

Henry takes the opportunity while everyone is distracted to sneak some chow.

Meet the great and adventurous.... KITE HUNTERS!!!

Through the depth of foliage, up narrow limbs, they succeed in catching their prey. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times! If you ever want a kite you too might be able to find some with a bit of patience, agility, and your brothers landscaping tools to "reel" them in.

You want to know one of the reasons I love New England? Everything is so green in the summer. Green trees lining an unpaved path, drawing you down the road to see what's around the bend...

...little green weeds, each with a different pattern, shape and size...

.... green, soft, east coast grass. You may think it silly, but after practically living barefoot our whole life (because we like it that way not because we didn't have shoes), living in Oklahoma we noticed the difference in the kind of grass and it's one thing I love about NE...

... green leaves and stems framing a flower...

... the green lace like detail of ferns. I love ferns I think they make a place look enchanting... especially with moss...

... the different shades of green in the woods and while it's not green, I love the big thick trees.

Bark art
Don't you love the texture of bark? There are so many little things we pass by every day that God created with such detail. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the simple beauties of God's creation.

With most of the lovely Mello ladies.

After Church we went over to the Axbergs. They have done a lot since we visited Elmhurst Farm last.

Garden art

Ratchet art

Living room art... oh, wait.

Mrs. Axberg is a favorite of Henry's... smiles and laugh, cuddles and coos, and falls asleep

 A visit to Blithewold with our beloved friends. 
If you've never been there I hope by the end of this "tour" you will add it to your places to visit. You won't be disappointed.

 Stories are told...

 ... and picnics are had.

Always time for hugs

We always seem to take the same route when we visit... and I like it that way. Once I find a favorite way to do something it's easy to become a creature of habit: Across the front, circling around through the gardens, back across the lawn or rocks by the bay, and up "Lover's Lane", as it is called, back to the van.

First stop in the front is this little well. Focusing through the mesh many feet down you can just make out your reflection. It seems like you could draw some lesson out of that... anyone have any insights?

Maggie leads us through the canopy of weeping beeches and strong cedars to an enclosed haven.
 The texture of the bark, the shape of the limbs, the greenness of the leaves, the sun filtering through, all adds to the grandeur of the trees

The limbs make a natural bench... a perfect place to take a picture with one of your favorite sets of twins.

I think this is their version of what we looked like.

Any place makes for a great place to capture memories

Through the trees and on to the little "summer cottage"conversation continues to flow.

The porch of the cottage made a lovely little place for some portraits of a lovely lady

This rocking bench is always at the bamboo grove and makes a lovely break for repose with your father.

Bamboo is very strong and one or two can support the wait of a person.

Even Jack tries it out... with a little assistance.

 Through the bamboo grove it opens to a pretty little flower garden

Nestled among the flowers they have a checker board with little wooden pieces of which Mom and Susannah partook.

Visiting one of the most beautiful places with one of the most photogenic families sure made it hard to narrow the pictures down.

There is so much art to capture...

...Like these leaves that have thorns growing from either side.

I was given a tour of the vegetable garden by this lovely tour guide and charming assistant. As you can see from the eagerness of the tourist in the background... it's a must see...

 ...otherwise you may miss seeing not so common vegetables like brussel sprouts and artichokes.

A flower of a different sort

Time seems to slow down here.

Like fathers... sons, friends they have become

The return of "The People of the Sea"... Without our king and captain of the guard aka Matthew and Micaiah it was only a partial revival.

Gigertina, Alaria, Coquina, and Chorda
Our names are all taken from shells or seaweed

Across the back of the property by way of the rocks near the water

Where else can you watch which snail will come out of his shell first?

Henry's looking a lot like Marscel did as a baby.

One of the youngest looking groups of grandparents I know

I've always loved picking out my favorite seashells and more then ever now that we don't live near a beach. I could spend hours scanning beaches for my favorite little spiral shells, bright colored ones, or the fan style, pearly hues, and bright blues...and Blithewold has some lovely little ones.

Memories made here will last for years... of favorite finds shared by 5 year olds...

... of stories told by 2 year olds

The last (and best) lane to walk down before reaching the car.

If this was in an art gallery I think it would be called 
"The little girl down the lane" or something classic like that

Joined by her nephew to have some more adventures

 Never too many pictures when it's with good friends, right?...

...And if they can't be there in person they can via phone.
We missed you not being there, Matthew and Micaiah!!

Thus ends our little tour. You'll have to visit to see all the places I didn't post pictures of and see the beauty for yourself. Blithewold has so many happy, favorite memories for me and I'm sure it will for you too. And thanks to Jeff for some of these pictures!


Simply me said...

Awwww!!!! So much cuteness!!! Loved all the pictures thanks for sharing! :)))

Amanda Barton said...

This is such a beautiful post. I really like your mix of nature and friends throughout. May God bless you all. Miss you, Amanda Barton