Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life has been busy and we are greatly blessed! I read a few articles recently on what comes across in blogging and while you'll never get a fully realistic view of our family unless you stay with us, I blog for a few reasons. I love pictures and blogging is a great way to share what I take with family and anyone else who cares to see it. What do I like taking pictures for? Pictures capture family memories, captures the beauty of God's creation, captures things I am thankful for, captures glimpses of God's faithfulness in our lives.

Marscel has wanted corn rows for a long time. He also thought he'd be cutting his hair soon. Mom looked up some tips and did a pretty good job... definitely made for a new look!

It didn't last long as his head isn't used to being tightly braided and it came out the next day looking more wild then ever.

Pa wasn't sure which style he liked better

We went to get something outside and noticed a bunch of antique cars. They were celebrating the class of '52 or maybe it was '63... somewhere around there. Anyway, for the next couple hours they paraded up and down our street beeping and waving at one another. Definite small town feel!

Not all the cars were antique. This one has Mom's name written on it... any guesses why? Yup, eyelashes for a car.

Our busy little town.

The time has come...

... the tools laid out...

... and the locks are cut.

The shearing is done...

...the new look has begun... El guapo!

We love being between the Hutchins families to see them on their way or way back
*Note... all color coordination was completely coincidental*

What we look like as we get ready for traveling

I love when young men love being with little children and help take care of them

William loves instruments and loved the opportunity to play drums with Pa

And the trip begins! Off to the *Reformation of Food Conference *

How things normally look...

...How it's generally captured for the blog

"For He established a testimony in Jacob,
And appointed a law in Israel,
Which He commanded our fathers,
That they should make them known to their children; 
 That the generation to come might know them,
The children who would be born,
That they may arise and declare them to their children, 
 That they may set their hope in God,
And not forget the works of God,
But keep His commandments"

Arriving at our lovely hostesses house for the evening was like arriving at a Martha Stuart setting

If only you could here his laugh

Thank you Lori and Jared for having us over!

Setting up as vendors for the first time.

Favorite part of being a vendor? Talking with good friends and meeting new people. I'm sure you found that shocking.

It was great seeing so many friends from Massachusetts!

Chilling back at the hotel

And releasing all their wiggles.

You could always tell when a session was going by how full the vendor hall was.

William is so good about sharing. He often will offer to give some to Philip and help him eat it.

Getting ready for one of the ladies panel discussions.

It was a great blessing to see Mom share some of her wealth of knowledge with others.

After church on Sunday we were able to gather for more fellowship...

... and music and singing.

The cuddle bug with his new friend Liberty

 A wonderful end to the conference, but not the end of the trip...

Temporary lawn decorations, aka real deer

A much to quick visit with the Hubers and Z girls.

Trampolines hold such happy child hood memories for me... I don't know if these two had been on one before, but they sure did love it!


Mr. Cuddles spreading the love.

William and Kaylianna taking one more ride

Before we left we realized we had been too busy talking that we didn't get many pictures and gathered for a few fun photos of us older girls.

It was so nice "officially" meeting you all, Hubers, and finding more kindred friends!

Our lovely mothers

Heading back to Oklahoma... in case you didn't notice the absence of Jordan and Melissa- we dropped them off at the airport after the conference for their anniversary trip to Hawaii (which you can see on Jordans blog) and got to watch William and Philip for almost two weeks.

"Pa, can you read a book to me?" 
Of all the many books we had for them to read he kept going back to one he has at his house which happened to be a favorite when we were younger: The Rumpoles and the Barleys

We found this little rocking chair at a yard sale a while back and have kept it in our living room. It was the perfect size for the boys and was Philip's favorite chair.

Having little kids may add a lot more work in your life, but it also adds a lot of blessings... like having your three year old nephew be eager to help with vacuuming

On the way back from the Conference the Fourniers were able to stop by for a visit.

The men at work trying to help give our front door a face lift.

Having no washer and dryer at our place can make things a bit difficult/inconvenient at times, but I'm so thankful the laundromat is just down the street!

Giving the Littles a tour of our town. You might not think they care at that age, but they do...

William loves trains and would run to the window every time he heard one go by. Just as we went to the tracks one came by. It may seem small, but it made his day.

Ready for the big leagues.

Having fun sitting in a basket as if it's their own little boat while I clean the kitchen worked for me.

Mom showing how to make our favorite little after-supper-chocolates (yup, they're actually GOOD for you! Raw cacao is high in antioxidants, as well as other things. Coconut oil is not only a good fat, but it's also good for Alzheimers, boosting your thyroid, increasing your metabolism, and lots of other thing...of course it has to be the right kind of ingredients used though.)

I think these two will be reading on their own soon.

A favorite pastime when we visit.

With no internet at our house we have to go down the street where there is free wi-fi. We un-buckled the boys and let them do whatever... I don't think I've ever seen two kids have so much fun in such a small space.

  This kid really knows how to play it up.

Nap time for all!

Philip teaching Marscel one of his favorite things to do, put something on his head... such talent, huh?!?

The day after Jordan and Melissa returned we started our trip back east, stopping to see the boys on the way. They recently moved into one of their apartments. Makes it a lot easier to get more work done on it after their regular work hours.

We got the memo: stripes for the day. We just didn't realize it until we were all together.

We drove a day early to be at Kathy's surprise birthday party. Do you think she was surprised?

Her niece made her a special cake complete with a little figurine of her and her two dogs.

The party was at the lake we stayed at with Kathy back in October two years ago. We were able to go out for a row (my favorite!), and canoe ride with our friend. It was lightly raining so we didn't get any pictures.

Some of them went back out later and as the rain stopped I brought out my camera.

Relaxation on the lake

I realized Kathy's house has been one of two houses that I've known my whole life... as well as Clara and Kathy... I love these two!
And though it may be cooler then Oklahoma the majority of us didn't think it was cool enough to warrant a cashmere blanket, but Mom was all comfy and toasty warm in her new gift.


Going over Arbonne information. Any questions? Ask Mom.

Out on a walk while catching up.

Time always seems to fly by with good friends

"We are laughing..."

On the way to Michael and Rebekah's we stopped at the Soussans.

Having fun with Laura's Lavita

Showing me the ropes...

... and letting me try it out. If I lived in a city I would totally want to get one of these!

Mom and Laura have known each other since junior high.

Visiting with my most energetic, almost 90 year old grandmother.

Massachusetts here we come...


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