March 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

March began for some of us in Florida taking a course at Trinity School of health. I didn't get many pictures since all the classes looked the same.

School is much more interesting when you want to learn about a particular topic... though tests are just as bad.

Mom helping with a lesson on figuring out which part of the body to support when feeling down.

There were many wonderful people there and it's always a joy connecting with sisters in Christ across the US where you feel you've known each other for ages. 

Yay!! So thankful we all passed and are now Certified Natural Health Professionals and better able to help others

After a week of classroom work the beach is a perfect place to unwind... and even though it was just March the water was refreshing and pretty warm


Farewell Florida!

 Continuing my gypsy travels I spent a week with Melissa to help with some sewing/fitting and dieing fabric for a dress she's making. I didn't get pictures, but you can see some over at Jordan's blog that also includes a visit from Pa and Mom

Melissa coordinated going to see the new Cinderella with a bunch of ladies and a number of us dressed up to see it. Never to old for that kind of thing!

Marscel has been taking classes down near our friends and was able to spend some time with them before to explore Elephant Rocks with them

Art by Emma

And thus ends March with some family game time


Emma Haguewood said...

Yay!!! Another post.... :D so many awesome memories! :) miss you girl!!! <3

hk said...

wow... I am seriously sun-kissed in that picture of us on our beach walk. ;P Wish we had a video of us all running into the ocean together! :) Loved spending that time at the beach with you...
p.s. I love you... muchly.