February 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

February... the shortest month, but no less full of all sorts of happenings...

Like the never ending need for haircuts...

And visits with friends

Curly girl time!

Our friend has a little photo studio set up in one of their rooms, where she takes pictures of her baby niece, set up for Valentines Day which called for an amusing impromptu photo shoot


Sometimes we can be such posers

Ending the night with a favorite film

Our personal body guard
For our friend Benjamin's birthday we were invited to an epic treasure hunt.
I only took a few pictures as Andrew had his camera (seen to the left here) which you can see the more extensive post at his blog here: Gallantry Training Center

   "Cluing for looks"

Deciphering the clues using Bible verses, birthdays, the number of words, and a crossword puzzle  led us to numbers that equaled a coordinate

Searching the area, Benjamin found the next clue

Dividing into teams for a game

Our worthy opponents 

Some of my favorite times at the apartments... chilling with the boys in the evening, singing, reading the Bible, laughing, discussing life.

Mom bought me my own box of butterfly band-aids since she knows I love them... and tend to need them. The very next day I got a pretty bad cut on my finger and quickly put my blend of Young Living oils to stop bleeding. It stopped it in under a minute and sealed my finger so well I didn't end up needing the butterfly closure. I was almost disappointed :-P

Back seat car travels with Micaiah

What better way to spend a cold, snowy day then with sled rides behind a 4-wheeler

Henry offered to help fix Uncle Micaiah's hair for church

Florida here we come! Mom picked me up and together we headed down for a week long health class. It was great being able to arrive a little early to see Uncle Ron.

Before classes began we were able to enjoy a walk on the beach, which of course meant me scouring the sand the whole time for lovely sea treasures!


J. Andrew Wong said...

Awesome, another post!
Keep them coming and thanks for sharing! :)

Carlos Carlsen said...

Those are going to be some ugly kids :P
Nice pictures!