March & April 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I decided to post March and April before going back and catching up with the rest of last year... Be sure to check out Jordan's blog for a different take of some of the events below that we were both at... and because his blog is plain awesome anyway!

  The beginning of March Jordan and Melissa hosted a historic ball where everyone was required to come in a historic/historically inspired outfit. This was the perfect deadline for me to make us girls 1860's ball gowns that have been on my to do list for a few years. Deadlines are great when you know the project will be completed... this was the closest I've ever come down to the wire... still sewing on my dress at the ball room as the others set up!

Mission accomplished! I wasn't sure I would have any of them done in time as it got closer and started stressing till I realized stressing over it won't help it any, staying focused and diligent and trusting if God wanted the dresses done He'd help me sew them in time. Melissa's was finished the night before, Mom's that morning, and mine right before this picture. I was so thankful they fit since we hadn't really thought of a back up option!

Lined up and ready to go. You can see a clip of Pa and Mom waltzing before every one arrived here and one of the dances of the night here... complete with our unauthentic mess ups. At least we were able to get back on track!

I don't know how family pictures with less then 20 people can be harder to get than this group of about 150!

The next day we had Jordan and Nathan's 90's themed birthday party. It was such a contrast after such an elegant night at the ball and I can only bear to post this one picture :-)

Welcome to Watson! 
I headed up to stay with the boys for a bit and the some of the Hansen siblings came for a visit.

Taking a tour of the renovations in progress

It may look like they're just standing there, but brain power is hard work!

Great way to get things done... invite friends for the weekend and put them to work. :-)

One of those awkward panorama late night pictures that Micaiah took to remember the evening by

With weather in the 60's our snowboard trip was canceled, but climbing was a great alternative.

They make it look so easy!

What these pictures aren't showing are all the conversations that took place during the visit...encouraging times, laughing till we were crying, and more...

Like at the Whispering Wall. If you whisper facing the wall it travels up in an arch to the other side 40 feet away where you can here what was said. The sign said people have proposed here. Kristian tried it for the three at the other end, but they were too busy making their own jokes to hear it.

My first group selfie... or any selfie for that matter

Beam me up St. Louis

The Thomases ever taking pictures...

Nothing like a cozy booth with creamy drinks to end the evening by... and more wonderful conversations along with cup slides, water spills, seating shuffles, curtain closings, having someone drink everyones times! 

Cedric showing off his latest accomplishment... standing while holding something.

The surprising time when you try a recipe you saw on pinterest and it actually looks a lot like the real deal

 The following week I went to a midwife conference with a few of our friends where we met some wonderful ladies and learned lots of info!

A midwife and doula demonstrating a rebozo technique during one of our lunch breaks

This was the most relaxed conference I'd been to. It was a small group with such friendly people willing to help answer any questions and share tips and info.

On the way home we stopped at this great Whole Foods with the largest chocolate section I've seen.

A week flies by so fast with these girls!

Making enough General Tso's chicken to feed an army...

Part of the "army" exploring a cave. I love how the flashlight made it look like I put a filter on this picture... but I didn't. This phone just takes good pictures.

If anyone is looking for good holsters I'd recommend T.Rex Arms. Maker of excellent quality, durable holsters that won't disappoint.

*This was for a field testing to see if it would work after being submerged in water. While it did work I wouldn't recommended trying it unless you know what you're doing*

Tannerite art

Micaiah tries out his hand at graffiti art since they had to move for their apartment to be demolished and updated. 

Let the demolishing begin!

 And this is what the new apartment looked like the day after we moved and did multiple loads of laundry. Not every day can be pinterest perfect!

 But spring is here... and flowers and bare feet make me happy and makes unpacking more enjoyable... that and good music and messages to listen to!

Roof top art

So thankful to have my sister in law and nephews next door!

Who says yard work has to be boring? After you empty the brush out fill the wheel barrow with kids!

The root that wouldn't die.
I think this was the highlight of our time helping with yard work! Who knew a plant could create such great theological conversations/reflections, broken tools, frustrations, and laughs?

 The manager is watching you!

It's handy living on a construction site when you need to turn a coat closet into a pantry and have all the tools needed and someone who can put them in. 
"Shelves in the closet. Happy thought indeed."

I loved being able to take these two littles to the park! I felt like such the hippy aunt running around barefoot, going down the slides with them, sitting in the pile of rocks burying our hands and feet while other little kids would try to take their shoes off and not be allowed to... I'm definitely my mothers child!

That evening we visited some friends from church. They took us to a beautiful park near them along the Mississippi. We decided everyone needed to hold a stick for this picture. I have no idea why.

Climbing the walls quite the feat... climbing it only using your arms is a whole other ball park! They almost made it all the way!

A little woodland fairy

Three bumps on a log

Such a lovely evening of fellowship together!

On the way we had a call from a tenant that a water valve blew. It flooded 3 apartments. This is some of the things the boys get to deal with as landlords... I was glad to be with them to help out.

It's not often you come across good climbing trees here, but this one, though a pine tree and thus rather sappy, was a lot of fun... and high.

About 70 feet high!

The view at the top

Progress! These two pictures were taken a couple weeks apart

The upstairs hallway with the busy workers...

Rebekah made this amazing fondue dinner on Michael's birthday...

There were no leftovers it was that good!

Reading her amazing birthday card

That weekend we celebrated his birthday all together as a family. Still hard to believe I have a sibling who's 30!

The birthday boy and his sweetheart

We're so crunchy!

These boys... they make me laugh!

Best group of siblings for me too grow up with

With all our darling little munchkins!
 Jordan and Melissa came and surprised him by joining us!

More lovebirds

Park art

Happy Birthday dear Michael!!!!

The next day we attended a WWII reenactment/battle


Sweet vintage mama and baby girl. Melissa's dress was Jordan's grandmothers!

Such handsome fellers

We may not have been a part of an official reenacting group, but we were stopped and asked for pictures like we were.

This is how we roll...

They had some pretty cool things at the encampments.

Family chill time =  favorite times!

Farewell to our St. Louis friends... for now...

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Marjo B said...

I read this post a while ago but forgot to comment! Of course by now I won't say all the friendly things I initially thought...but will sum it up with ''how fun!'' ''thanks for sharing!''..Oh! And I'm tickled that we made it onto the Thomas blog! :)
That was a great time.