May 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello out there... to all my faithful friends who still find it interesting enough to stop by for a peek into the life of the Thomases. Life doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon so I am determined to still find some time for this "overview-photo-journal"... snapshots of some highlights of these months that keep flying by! Enjoy

Back in Oklahoma with Pa and Mom we visit the Cowboy museum.. a very western place to visit with exhibits, paintings, and a western town

Roy Rogers!

Probably my favorite painting they had was this cowboy and his horse

There was this lonely bench just begging for someone to come and sit and enjoy the paintings... unfortunately it was surrounded by paintings that were only worth sitting for as long as it took to take this picture.

One of my favorite pictures of Pa... capturing some Sunday fashion... and that smile. 

For such a little town it sure does host a number of fun concerts... this time featuring some of our friends!

Such a happy day! Pa and mom bought me a hammock stand!! Since the walls are made of lath and plaster the bolts I usually would screw in would not have had anything really solid to go in. I love sleeping in a hammock. If anyone's interested Seaside Hammocks has some great options without spreader bars (thus better for your back).

Had to laugh and snap a picture of what our Sunday stroll looked like at one point, since it's so not the norm! My techy parents :-)
Sometimes you see ideas online that look so fast and yet they never seem to make it to the top of the priority list, but when it involved our only ironing board needing to be recovered in order for it to be used and us needing to use it, a cover was completed.

This year we were so thankful to be able to have Kathy come visit us in warmer weather to take her to Laura Ingalls house and have a beading party.

Twins at our pre-beading garden party. Melissa made the place look like it came straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine... only better.

Let the beading begin!
 Designing always seems like it should take two seconds... and for those with great creative vision it does... for the rest of us it's kind of like piecing together a puzzle... with no picture to follow!

A finished masterpiece... or rather ankle piece

Haven't posted a walking-at-the-Niednagels picture in a while so here you go... motivation to take a break from the computer and enjoy the great outdoors!

AND... back to beading!

It's so refreshing being able to take a few days off to spend working on a fun project with good friends that make for great fellowship time!

They'll be driving like pros in no time at all!

Philip was a great sous chef in the kitchen

Welcome to the Bead fest... oh wait. It's the end of the time, but that's when we remembered to take a group shot. At least we don't need a sign to make us feel welcome!

Yay for Thomas birthday traditions!! This year we made it in town for Micaiah's 21st birthday. The only problem with continuing our first-bite-with-your-hands-behind-your-back tradition is the boys are much bigger then when they were little and half the cake might be gone after one bite.

I love sharing the same birthday month with him and initials.

Sometimes being a kid at heart carries over into still wanting the benefits of a kid. Who doesn't like free stroller rides?

Learning to keep things clean with some of the people in this loud ADD group can make it take twice as long... but it's also very entertaining too!

Getting ready for a girls day of fun for my birthday Mom painted Marian's nails for the first time. As her face shows it wasn't quite the shade she was hoping for.

Tres chic!

Birthday celebrations with this group is always unforgettably grand!


They brought out a brownie with a sparkler in it when they heard it was my birthday. Mom was quickly scrambling for her camera and took it... just as the sparkler died out.

Window shopping we came across our favorite model yet. I think the store should have paid for the great marketing she was doing

The following day the boys planned a movie night celebration since I wasn't with them for my birthday. They gave me such royal treatment saying they'd get me any food I wanted, and set up a movie I wanted to see. You can't beat snuggle time on the couch with my three boys, beer, brie, and baguettes. We had rice dream too, but that doesn't start with a b so it needed it's own sentence.

The boys unknowingly coordinated the gifts they gave to go along with the royal treatment. Such dear lads!

Well that's all for the merry month of May... stay tuned for a post on June soon!


Zoë said...

Another lovely post, Melanie! I for one always find it interesting to read of the doings of the Thomases - many thanks for sharing!

Marjo B said...

I consider myself a faithful fan of your blog. :)
It was fun to read about your May! (esp. since I just posted about ours!)

Micaiah said...

Hey Girl!
There were actually some pretty good pictures on here! HAHA!

That picture of Pa and the cake is Hilare! To funny really...
and that one of us on the couch is so full of energy! Good times...