August Happenings

Thursday, September 29, 2011

August was a "quieter" month with weather over the hundreds every day for over 8 weeks in a row (the average was around 105° to 108°)! Thankfully it's cooler now... mid 80's. Anyway... on to pictures. I'm sure if you wanted to know how hot it was you would have gone to a and not this blog...

An evening with the Howells. I think Haddasah is the same brain type as Mom

Enjoying the swing set to the fullest


A delightful evening indeed

"How did you find me in the wilderness?"
"I saw you from the village."

The epic attack of the dead fish

I think Marscel likes his hair like that so he can look the tallest

A perfect example of cause and effect: no rain, dry ground

If the dirt wasn't red, the air smelled like sea weed, and the lake was an ocean, I could almost picture it being like New England

I spy...

Can it be?!? Sea shells in Oklahoma!!!

These two decided to brave the cold water (it was a beach after all... till they started sinking in the mud. They sunk quite a bit just standing for this picture


"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
         For brethren to dwell together in unity!"

Turns out the lighthouse is a replica of one from the 1700's in Massachusetts

I always thought these kind of pictures were fun to capture.

 Love bugs

It was one of those unexpected evenings where nothing was planned and everything we saw and did was so much fun and relaxing. Such a blessing!

I thought it was so cool how I caught the bird so perfectly in the picture until I was trying to see where it flew off to and only saw a kite.

Medal's and a nazi flag... what could this be?

Oren Lee came over to share some of his stories from WWII

It was such a privilege to hear his tales and learn lessons from such a man!

Lillian loved his metals

A nazi flag that Oren Lee took home as a souvenir from an airport they took over. Since he was the highest officer there he took it and had the other guy with him sign it. It was great how he would just toss it aside like an old rag. 

He was a Sgt at the time he took the flag. He retired a lieutenant colonel.
We always thought she was a doll. She saw our doll chair, sat in it, and pretended to eat.

My first crafty project in a while... a magnetic chalk board
One sheet of metal cut to size

Rough up the surface a bit

Paint with chalkboard spray paint

Place in frame with backing...

 and write a message!If you have any picture-less frames it's a great way to turn it into something pretty and useful

Congratulations on graduating Malena!

Even if it's only over night it's always a lot of fun with the Mairas

Marscel, Alina, and I needed pictures for our different photo projects. The wall was very obliging to be used as a prop.

Marscel's art

She didn't want to leave so she hid in the trunk. As short as the visit was I'm glad you guys could come!

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Simply me said...

Wow Melanie! Those shots you captured at the beach were awesome! The one of Marscel where it looked like he was holding the sun was really neat. Your pictures are so awesome!
I was casually looking at your blog and then I was like oh wait thats us hahaha thanks for letting me sleep in you trunk and your hammock lol