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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our last stop in MA for a few more hours of sweet fellowship

Desperate times calls for desperate measures... including holding a chocolate bar over head to harden it under the AC
Our first stop was at the Maira's where it turned into a hair salon for the Things

Matthew getting the royal treatment

Entertaining ourselves... rather easy for some of us :-)

Who are these dudes?

Watching some old videos... as in five minutes old

Happy Birthday to you... again, and again, and again!

Things were a bit... cozy for the back bench

Service with a smile... without even being asked! It's amazing the views you can see when your window is actually clean :-)

Even many states away they know to go with Big Red

Wired (with actual wires, but there may have been some chocolate involved so it was probably both senses of the word) and enjoying a movie

The caffeine taking effect... even if that is how they would have been without chocolate :-)

And I thought three on a full size bed was tight! Our plans changed mid drive to pick up some things at Jordan's grandmothers house who recently passed away for Jordan and Melissa. There were beds upstairs for the girls, but only one downstairs... and they were to tired to clear the couches or find something else

Loading the truck they rented

Packed and ready to go

Following Mom and Tayla into the sunset

That's Micaiah for ya!

Melissa heard it was Peter's birthday and had a special meal all planned for our arrival. Being with our family, we had Peter participate in the Thomas family tradition of taking the first bite of the cake with your hands held behind your back. I think Matthew and Micaiah were enjoying their job.

Party hats are fun to wear at odd angles... especially when it's not on purpose

The joys of being an uncle

Modern monet art

Now which key was it?

No matter how hard we tried, trying to fit two people PLUS a freezer through the door just wasn't working.

Looks like she could be his mom not grandmother! Such a beautiful mother I have!

With another lovely grandmother and grandbaby

My little "butterball" is always happy to bestow us with one of his smiles

 William loved his new toy vegetables from his Uncle Michael and Aunt Rebekah! He would "cut" them apart so precisely. Philip gnawed on his finger imagining it to be the water melon in front of him.

Everyone gets tired of the paparazzi at times

Matthew must be sneaking miracle grow or something

"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."

Mr. Epic

I love this kid!

Not wanting to actually leave we stall by taking more pictures. Do you know how long it takes us to leave when it's longer then a week before we see each other?!?

The four man fire ball

I guess we were a bit exhausting at times. 


Giving a bit of a history tour, "So can anyone tell me which historic route this is?"

He must have a secret super power cause he doesn't look phased that he's being attacked.

Micaiah found this hoodie and said it was big enough to fit two... he was right.

Checking out the latest fashions was fun while it lasted... lets go

Off for a refreshment after all the stores. Berri-licious is becoming quite a tourist attraction

We were going to play a game, but went over the message from church while putting together words

Before the boys returned to St. Louis our hairdresser came by to "shear them"

Matthew's turn to be shorn

The new look!

No pictures, please.

This was the before

And after with the talented stylist herself. 

Travel or no travel the birthday tradition continues. Happy Birthday, Matthew!

The Things already off working hard as we have a quick visit with the Zeses before heading back. 

Off to the airport. So glad you could visit, Peter! 


pasco community said...

I know this is kinda akward to comment on another guys hair, but I love your haircut Matthew!
~Edgar the feeling thinker ;)

Simply me said...

LOVE the pictures!