Tayla and the Thomsens

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"I do set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth...
    And I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh, and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.
    And the rainbow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth."

Marscel entertains himself on the way home

Yup, that's Tayla.... we were able to have her over for awhile 


Helping out at the 45th Infantry Museum 

We met Art Levine who flew in the 101st Airborne division on D-Day

Showing us the New Testament he carried with him. You can read more about him here  

We were blessed to have Mr. and Mrs. Niednagel stop over on their way from Texas. We always learn so many interesting things from them!

What is Matthew Kenny's? An all raw restaurant for two such enthusiasts. 

May we present guacamole with raw chips...

and some sort of kelp salad. They said they loved it all!

The fancy little deserts 

and a visit from Matthew Kenny himself! 

For all of us that didn't go we enjoyed Mom's raw tiramisu cake upon their return. I'm sure it was just as good or better then anything they tried!

One of Mom's scrabble creations.

Off on the town

Spoons turned straws

Work day at the Benders

Helping out is most fun with such a tool

Tortilla time! 

Enchanted with the little darling

 Without having rain for a while it was nice to actually sit and enjoy the new green grass together

We couldn't all fit around the big table so they wanted to all squeeze around the little one

Enjoying the effects of rain... as little as it may be. Unfortunately our camera died right after this and I couldn't get a view of his face. He loved the mud!

Back home we got the same storm. Everything was pretty dark and then everything had a yellow hue.

The quickly changing sky

It started lightning in the distance and Tayla and I tried capturing a good one for over an hour. This was my favorite one I captured. Sometimes the whole sky would light up without being able to see the bolt since it was behind a cloud.

My favorite lightning by Tayla. 

Some of our other attempts 

Fun crazy times in the kitchen preparing for...

The arrival of the Thomsens!!!

Watching our life flash before our eyes... well almost. Thank you for the beautiful scrapbook, Sarah!

In case you ever wondered where the boys got their...uh... creativeness at a thrift store. Here's your answer.

A view on the way to...

Waynoka... they were so welcoming there weren't they?

These two seem to make friends wherever they go (can you tell what was in Waynoka by their hats?)

The winds were rising and the sky darkening. Mr. Thomsen kept us up to date on where the storm was heading

The wind was so strong it started knocking some of the vendors things over. We helped them take them down so they wouldn't lose anything.

In case you didn't guess by Mom and Taylas hats, we were at a rodeo!

It rained off and on during the show. If it had been in Massachusetts they would have canceled it before it even started!

Tayla and I had a lot of fun trying to capture good action shots

Gotta wonder what happens if they miscalculate and the calf changes directions.

A super fun game of the evening was musical chairs. When the music stopped they had to mount, ride, and be the first to sit in a chair on the other side. 

The little calf thinks it finally has it's freedom when all of a sudden before it knows whats going on it has a rope around it's neck and is pinned down with it's legs tied. So much for freedom.

We heard a man announce that whoever was the loudest won a ticket. Guess who won?
It was a tie.

The lady behind us let us borrow her umbrella. Us girls were very thankful, but the boys weren't so keen on the water dripping on their backs off the top of it.

A fierce battle on the fort

The boys came across this big black spider in the back yard... then they noticed it had some markings, red markings. Yup, our first black widow.

Looking for which piece of land she'd like to live on. 

Two of our body gaurds

Finding out why the sign is a road side attraction

Time to POP open those sodas!

These two could sell ice cubes to Eskimos

The sign that a refreshing drink is just feet away


Touring Billy's new cedar home

Enjoying the afternoon with some good conversation

Hmmm... let me think 

Look what I can do!

I think I found Miss Bo Peep for I don't see any sheep



If the Thomsens weren't convinced that they wanted to come back I'm sure the Ahlgrens lovely little farm tipped the balance

Along with a visit to Berrilicious

Good to the last drop 

We saw this gentleman with a style that reminded us of Micaiah

She went and asked to take a picture with him so we could show the other boys

Being our last day together we took some group shots

The remaining four at home

Three cheers for good friends and good times

Swapping pictures late at night before everyone left the next day. We were so glad you could visit Tayla and Thomsens!

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Your mom is just hilarious. She cracks me up every single time! :)