The Butterfly Tea

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Upon arrival the evening before the party we find many of Melissa's inspirations already accomplished and ready to be set out.

Last May I thought William would be a good advertiser for aloe smoothies here. Over a year later he still loves them... must be good!

Everything starts to take shape

Tying on tulle and little butterfly cut outs to the back of each chair. 

Set and ready to go. The detail Melissa thought out was amazing!

Butterfly necklaces made of scrabble tiles Melissa and Tayla made for favors. You can see how she made them and some of the other lovelies she made on her blog: Melissa Lee Beautifully

Mom getting ready while enjoying the set up by the sink

Yup, she made that too... free hand, no pattern!


The theme verse: 
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." 1 Cor 5:17
(We came across this neat craft blog showing how to make a chalkboard with a framed piece you have. Melissa's came out beautifully as you see.)

Emily showing a monarch butterfly that hatched that morning!

So many butterflies showed up.

The beautiful Ambercita!

Let the party begin

Our little corner

Miss Barbara shares a devotional on the lessons of the butterfly. You can download it from Melissa's blog (it's near the bottom)

Some of the ladies help prepare the strawberry shortcakes. Can you identify which two are ESFP's?

Service with a smile

Enjoying borrowing Jordan and Melissa's camera... which often times is a confiscation for the time we're there

Mrs. Voeller leading the butterfly game Jeremy made for all of us which you can also download from Melissa's blog to play

You would have thought there was a comedy show with these two

Butterfly wand construction site

The whole kit and caboodle

Receiving prizes for the flower hunt 

Mamma Monica introducing William to a new "game"

He wondered why his parents had never showed him it before... or after

Two of the very hard workers who made everything so lovely

On top of everything else Melissa made, she also made her and Kalea's dress

Isn't she adorable

When a real camera isn't available a stick will do

William soon discovered the gold mine of cookies... that he could reach! We didn't discover him as soon.

Reading a book with Pa... the same one over and over. 

All worn out after such hard work getting everything just right

The after party cuddle and review of highlights of the day (and looking at pictures!)

What a beautiful well done job that reflected God's work in something as small as a butterfly

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