Holding down the Fort

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is life from the bachelors side. Somehow Pa and I managed to survive a whole week without the rest of the family and without going completely crazy (although some question the validity of). Michael & Rebekah have come over a couple of times with food and a bunch of other things that really helped out, thanks you two!
Melanie did such a great job with her post that I didn't really want to post on top of it. So if you haven't seen their pictures yet make sure you do. In about two more weeks Pa and I will be flying out to join the rest of the family out in Missouri. I can't wait!
My first time blogging so... enjoy.
~Somehow I put all the posts backwards so if you want to view them in the right order view them starting with the earliest time published. For some reason I knew this would happen...:P

~Update~ The blog is now in proper order

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