Monday, May 18, 2009

"My blessings are in front of me, it's not about the land. I'll never beat the view from my front porch looking in"

Melissa is so beautiful. Doesn't she look like a model?

I leave you with this picture of William sleeping with his first toy which is organinc! Isn't that cool?
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Lily said...

Beautiful pictures Melanie! Thank you! Your sister does look like a both are super beautiful.

William is darling! Enjoy every moment!

Amanda Flynn said...

Aw...these are just fab. I want to jump on a plane and come eat "sweet William" up. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Oh yeah, and remember what I said to tell Micaiah? :P

AlissandraM said...

ditto amanda!

william looks so snuggable, huggable, and kissable! i hope i get to meet him soon!

keep us updated- you're doing a good job so far!

one of the macs said...

Wonderful pictures, Melanie! What a daaarling sweety pie little William is! Bless you all :) ~Victoria

Sarah Thomsen said...

Of course his first toy is organic.
He is a genuine organic baby...
who could expect less!?



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