Monday, May 11, 2009

Jeremy & Danielle and Miss Barbara joined us for chocolate pudding and a movie, one night. Kalea seems to be the only on lookking forward to it :-)

Keoni went wild over the pudding. The secret ingrediant? Avacadoes. It's actually the base of the pudding, but you can't taste it in it. Even people who don't like avacadoes like this.

Taking a good dose of medicine with a new favorite comedian. "A merry heart does good like medecine."

After the movie Jeremy noticed a loose link on the dining room light so Jordan went to investigate.

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Erin Leigh said...

Ok, Melanie, I WANT that pudding recipe!! (please)
Tomorrow, Jesse is 5 months, and we are celebrating with starting him on his first solids- avacados.

Melanie said...

It's not really a measured recipe, but I will have Mom tell me how she made it and email it to you when I type it out.


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