Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Outside the graveyard

The actual spot Paul Revere is buried! Totally cool!

The actual spot Samuel Adams is buried! Even cooler! (It actually was cooler, there was more shade)

Amongst the rocks, atop Adams grave, sits a noble quote

"In January 2009 an previously unknown crypt was discovered when a tourist on a self-guided tour through the cemetery fell through the ground into what appeared to be a stairway leading to a crypt. The stairway had been covered with a piece of slate which eventually gave way due to advanced age. The tourist was not hurt nor did she come into contact with any human remains. The crypt is reported to be 8 by 12 feet in size and is structurally intact. The crypt is possibly the resting place of Jonathan Armitage, a Boston selectman from 1732 to 1733"

I wish I was that tourist...


Tai Sophia said...

Riley: "Who wants to go through the creepy tunnel inside the tomb?"
Matthew: "Me! Oh, oh - pick me!!"

Josiah E. said...

^^ LOL good one Tai! Though I must say to simply be walking along and fall into a grave would be slightly startling!


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